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Angraecinae Summerh.

kingdom Plantae - plants »  divisio Magnoliophyta - flowering plants »  class Liliopsida - monocotyledons »  order Asparagales »  family Orchidaceae - orchids »  tribus Vandeae

Included taxa

Number of records: 49

genus Aerangis Rchb.f.
genus Aeranthes Lindl.
genus Ambrella H. Perrier
genus Ancistrorhynchus Finet
genus Angraecopsis Kraenzl.
genus Angraecum Bory
genus Beclardia A. Rich.
genus Bolusiella Schltr.
genus Calyptrochilum Kraenzl.
genus Campylocentrum Benth. - bentspur orchid
genus Cardiochilos P.J. Cribb
genus Chamaeangis Schltr.
genus Chauliodon Summerh.
genus Cribbia Senghas
genus Cryptopus Lindl.
genus Cyrtorchis Schltr.
genus Dendrophylax Rchb.f. - harrisella
genus Diaphananthe Schltr.
genus Dinklageella Mansf.
genus Distylodon Summerh.
genus Eggelingia Summerh.
genus Erasanthe P.J.Cribb, Hermans & D.L.Roberts
genus Eurychone Schltr.
genus Jumellea Schltr.
genus Lemurella Schltr.
genus Lemurorchis Kraenzl.
genus Listrostachys Rchb.f.
genus Margelliantha P.J. Cribb
genus Microcoelia Lindl.
genus Microterangis Senghas
genus Mystacidium Lindl.
genus Neobathiea Schltr.
genus Nephrangis (Schltr.) Summerh.
genus Oeonia Lindl.
genus Oeoniella Schltr.
genus Ossiculum P.J. Cribb & Laan
genus Plectrelminthus Raf.
genus Podangis Schltr.
genus Rangaeris (Schltr.) Summerh.
genus Rhaesteria Summerh.
genus Rhipidoglossum Schltr.
genus Sobennikoffia Schltr.
genus Solenangis Schltr.
genus Sphyrarhynchus Mansf.
genus Summerhayesia P.J. Cribb
genus Taeniorrhiza Summerh.
genus Triceratorhynchus Summerh.
genus Tridactyle Schltr.
genus Ypsilopus Summerh.

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