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Dytiscus Linnaeus, 1758

kingdom Animalia - animals »  phylum Arthropoda - arthropods »  class Insecta - insects »  order Coleoptera - beetles »  family Dytiscidae - predacious diving beetles »  tribus Dytiscini

Scientific synonyms

Dyticopsis Houlbert, 1934
Leionotus Kirby, 1837
Macrodytes Thomson, 1860
Dyticus Müller, 1776 (unjustified emendation) uem

Type taxon:Dytiscus marginalis Linnaeus, 1758
Temporal range:Tertiary > Neogene > Miocene > Middle Miocene – recent


Included taxa

Number of records: 30

species Dytiscus alaskanus Balfour-Browne, 1944
species Dytiscus avunculus von Heyden, 1862
Tertiary: Upper Miocene
species Dytiscus carolinus Aubé, 1838
species Dytiscus circumcinctus Ahrens, 1811

Dytiscus circumcinctus - 0000000001110

species Dytiscus circumflexus Fabricius, 1801
species Dytiscus cordieri Aubé, 1838
species Dytiscus dauricus Gebler, 1832
species Dytiscus delictus (Zaitzev, 1906)
species Dytiscus dimidiatus Bergsträsser, 1778

Dytiscus dimidiatus - 0000000001111

species Dytiscus fasciventris Say, 1824
species Dytiscus frontalis Motschulsky, 1860
species Dytiscus habilis Say, 1834
species Dytiscus harrisii Kirby, 1837
species Dytiscus hatchi Wallis, 1950
species Dytiscus hybridus Aubé, 1838
species Dytiscus lapponicus Gyllenhal, 1808
Quaternary: Upper Pleistocene – recent
species Dytiscus latahensis Wickham, 1931
Tertiary: Middle Miocene
species Dytiscus latissimus Linnaeus, 1758

Dytiscus latissimus - 000000100111

species Dytiscus latro Sharp, 1882
species Dytiscus lavateri Heer, 1847
Tertiary: Middle Miocene
species Dytiscus marginalis Linnaeus, 1758 - Great Diving Beetle
Quaternary: Upper Pleistocene – recent

Dytiscus marginalis - 001000000111

species Dytiscus marginicollis LeConte, 1845
species Dytiscus mutinensis Branden, 1885
species Dytiscus persicus Wehncke, 1876
species Dytiscus pisanus Laporte, 1835
species Dytiscus semisulcatus O.F. Müller, 1776

Dytiscus semisulcatus - 000000000111

species Dytiscus sharpi Wehncke, 1875
species Dytiscus sinensis Feng, 1935
species Dytiscus thianschanicus (Gschwendtner, 1923)
species Dytiscus verticalis Say, 1823

Links and literature

EN The Interim Register of Marine and Nonmarine Genera [1299389]

Rees, T. (compiler): The Interim Register of Marine and Nonmarine Genera [] [as Dytiscus Linnaeus, 1758]
Data retrieved on: 30 November 2019

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uem unjustified emendation - proposed alternative spelling of scientific name when not justified by international code of nomenclature.

extinct taxon