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Hyolithida Sysojev, 1957

kingdom Animalia - animals »  class Hyolitha

Included taxa

Number of records: 22

family Angusticornidae Sysoiev, 1968
family Australothecidae Malinky, 2009
family Carinolithidae Valent et al., 2011
family Ceratothecidae Fisher, 1962
family Crestjahitidae Sysoiev, 1968
family Hyolithidae Nicholson, 1889
family Nelegerocornidae Meshkova, 1974
family Parentilitidae Marek, 1981
family Pauxillitidae Marek, 1967
family Pterygothecidae Novak, 1891
family Sulcavitidae Syssoiev, 1958

Unplaced taxa

genus Alfaites Valent, Fatka & L. Marek, 2019
genus Chimerolites Marek, 1967 inc.sed.
genus Dilytes Marek, 1974 inc.sed.
genus Elegantilites Marek, 1966 inc.sed.
genus Eumorpholites Marek, 1967 inc.sed.
genus Gompholites Marek, 1966 inc.sed.
Ordovician: Upper Ordovician
genus Jincelites Valent, Fatka, Micka & Szabad, 2009 inc.sed.
genus Joachimilites Marek, 1967 inc.sed.
genus Raitilites Marek, 1989 inc.sed.
genus Skryjelites Valent et al., 2015 inc.sed.
genus Slapylites Marek, 1980 inc.sed.

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extinct taxon

inc.sed. incertae sedis - uncertain placement within this taxon