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Chlaenius Bonelli, 1810

kingdom Animalia - animals »  phylum Arthropoda - arthropods »  class Insecta - insects »  order Coleoptera - beetles »  family Carabidae - ground and tiger beetles »  subtribus Chlaeniina

Scientific synonyms

Callistochrous Chaudoir, 1850
Hemichlaenius H.W. Bates, 1892

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Included taxa

Number of records: 72

subgenus Achlaenius Mandl, 1992
subgenus Afrochlaenius Basilewsky, 1965
subgenus Agostenus Steven, 1829
subgenus Aleptocerus LaFerté-Sénectére, 1851
subgenus Amblygenius LaFerté-Sénectére, 1851
subgenus Anomoglossus de Chaudoir, 1856
subgenus Aulacosomus Grundmann, 1955
subgenus Baldochlaenius Basilewsky, 1950
subgenus Callistochrous Chaudoir, 1850
subgenus Callistoderus Basilewsky, 1950
subgenus Callistodontus Basilewsky, 1965
subgenus Callistometus Grundmann, 1956
subgenus Calochlaenius Kuntzen, 1913
subgenus Capsochlaenius Basilewsky, 1950
subgenus Chlaeniellus Reitter, 1908
subgenus Chlaenioctenus H.W. Bates, 1892
subgenus Chlaeniodromus Basilewsky, 1950
subgenus Chlaeniodus Jeannel, 1949
subgenus Chlaenionus Kuntzen, 1913
subgenus Chlaeniostenus Kuntzen, 1919
subgenus Chlaenites Motschulsky, 1860
subgenus Chlaenius Bonelli, 1810
subgenus Compsochlaenius Alluaud, 1916
subgenus Dacnochlaenius Alluaud, 1919
subgenus Dinodes Bonelli, 1810
subgenus Eochlaenius A. Semenov, 1912
subgenus Epomis Bonelli, 1810
subgenus Eudinodes Basilewsky, 1965
subgenus Eurydactylus LaFerté-Sénectére, 1851
subgenus Goniodinoides Jeannel, 1949
subgenus Haplochlaenius Lutshnik, 1933
subgenus Hemichlaenius H.W. Bates, 1892
subgenus Homalolachnus LaFerté-Sénectére, 1851
subgenus Indalma Schmidt-Goebel, 1846
subgenus Leptodinodes Jeannel, 1949
subgenus Leptorembus Kolbe, 1889
subgenus Lissauchenius W.S. McLeay, 1825
subgenus Lithochlaenius Kryzhanovskij, 1976
subgenus Lomasa Andrewes, 1919
subgenus Macrochlaenites Kuntzen, 1919
subgenus Metachlaeniodus Jeannel, 1949
subgenus Naelichus Lutshnik, 1933
subgenus Nectochlaenius Antoine, 1961
subgenus Ocybatus LaFerté-Sénectére, 1851
subgenus Oochlaenius Alluaud, 1933
subgenus Orinochlaenius Basilewsky, 1950
subgenus Pachydinodes Kuntzen, 1919
subgenus Paracallistoides Basilewsky, 1965
subgenus Pelasmomimus Grundmann, 1955
subgenus Pleroticus Péringuey, 1896
subgenus Prochlaeniellus Basilewsky, 1965
subgenus Pseudanomoglossus R.T. Bell, 1960
subgenus Pseudochlaeniellus Jeannel, 1949
subgenus Rhopalopalpus LaFerté-Sénectére, 1851
subgenus Rhysotrachelus Boheman, 1848
subgenus Stenochlaenius Reitter, 1908
subgenus Terraleus Fairmaire, 1899
subgenus Tomochilus LaFerté-Sénectére, 1851
subgenus Trichochlaenius Seidlitz, 1887
subgenus Turanochlaenius Lutshnik, 1933
subgenus Wilmernstus Basilewsky, 1965

Unplaced taxa

species Chlaenius darlingensis Castelnau, 1867 inc.sed.
species Chlaenius flaviguttatus (W.S. MacLeay, 1825) inc.sed.
species Chlaenius formosanus Jedlicka, 1935 inc.sed.
species Chlaenius kathrynae Kavanaugh & Rainio, 2016
species Chlaenius klapperichi Jedlicka, 1956 inc.sed.
species Chlaenius maculiger Castelnau, 1867 inc.sed.
species Chlaenius nuristanus Jedlicka, 1956 inc.sed.
species Chlaenius ophonoides Fairmaire, 1843 inc.sed.
species Chlaenius robertae Kavanaugh & Rainio, 2016
species Chlaenius rudicollis Chaudoir, 1876 inc.sed.
species Chlaenius subcostatus W.J. MacLeay, 1864 inc.sed.

Links and literature

EN The Interim Register of Marine and Nonmarine Genera [1272120]

Rees, T. (compiler): The Interim Register of Marine and Nonmarine Genera [] [as Chlaenius Bonelli, 1810]
Data retrieved on: 30 November 2019

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inc.sed. incertae sedis - uncertain placement within this taxon