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Endocerida Teichert, 1933

kingdom Animalia - animals »  phylum Mollusca - mollusks »  class Cephalopoda - cephalopods »  subclass Endoceratoidea

Temporal range:Ordovician > Lower OrdovicianSilurian > Ludlow

Included taxa

Number of records: 39

family Allotrioceratidae Flower, 1955
family Chihlioceratidae Grabau, 1922
family Cyrtendoceratidae Hyatt, 1900
family Endoceratidae Hyatt, 1883
family Humeoceratidae Teichert et al., 1964
family Manchuroceratidae Kobayashi, 1935
family Proterocameroceratidae Kobayashi, 1937
family Thylacoceratidae Teichert & Glenister, 1954

Unplaced taxa

genus Bisonoceras Flower, 1964 inc.sed.
genus Botryceras Flower, 1968 inc.sed.
genus Cacheoceras Flower, 1968 inc.sed.
genus Chaohuceras Qi, 1980 inc.sed.
genus Chisiloceras Gortani, 1934 inc.sed.
genus Dartonoceras Flower, 1964 inc.sed.
genus Eocameroceras Li in Lu & Lin, 1984 inc.sed.
genus Farroceras Flower, 1968 inc.sed.
genus Hoyoceras Stait, Wyatt & Burnett, 1987 inc.sed.
genus Ignoceras Flower, 1976 inc.sed.
genus Juaboceras Flower, 1968 inc.sed.
genus Kiotoceras Flower, 1971 inc.sed.
genus Kugeloceras Flower, 1968 inc.sed.
genus Lobocyclendoceras Balashov, 1968 inc.sed.
genus Najaceras Flower, 1971 inc.sed.
genus Palaeocyclendoceras Balaschov, 196 inc.sed.
genus Paracyclendoceras Balashov, 1968 inc.sed.
genus Perkinsoceras Flower, 1976 inc.sed.
genus Pronajaceras Lai & Xu in Zeng Ni, Xu, Zhou, Wang, Li, Lai & Xiang, 1983 inc.sed.
genus Protocyclendoceras Balashov, 1968 inc.sed.
genus Rossicoceras Balashov, 1961 inc.sed.
genus Schmidtoceras Westermann, 1956 inc.sed.
genus Sewardoceras Flower, 1968 inc.sed.
genus Telleroceras Flower, 1968 inc.sed.
genus Trinitoceras Scott, 1939 inc.sed.
genus Ventrolobendoceras Balashov, 1968 inc.sed.
genus Williamsoceras Flower, 1968 inc.sed.
genus Winstonoceras Flower, 1984 inc.sed.
genus Yorkoceras Flower, 1968 inc.sed.

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extinct taxon

inc.sed. incertae sedis - uncertain placement within this taxon