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Cacteae Rchb.

kingdom Plantae - plants »  divisio Magnoliophyta - flowering plants »  class Rosopsida - eudicots »  order Caryophyllales »  family Cactaceae »  subfamily Cactoideae

Included taxa

Number of records: 25

genus Acharagma (N.P. Taylor) Glass
genus Ariocarpus Scheidw. - livingrock
genus Astrophytum Lem. - astrophytum
genus Aztekium Boed.
genus Coryphantha (Engelmann) Lemaire - beehive cactus
genus Cumarinia Buxb.
genus Echinocactus Link & Otto - echinocactus
genus Echinomastus N.L. Britton & J.N. Rose
genus Epithelantha F.A.C. Weber ex Britton & Rose - pingpong ball cactus
genus Escobaria N.L. Britton & J.N. Rose - foxtail cactus
genus Ferocactus Britton & Rose - barrel cactus
genus Geohintonia Glass & W.A. Fitz Maurice
genus Leuchtenbergia Hook.
genus Lophophora J.M. Coult. - lophophora
genus Mammillaria Haw. - globe cactus
genus Neolloydia Britton & Rose - neolloydia
genus Obregonia Frič ex A. Berger
genus Ortegocactus Alexander
genus Pediocactus Britton & Rose - hedgehog cactus
genus Pelecyphora Ehrenb.
genus Sclerocactus N.L. Britton & Rose - fishhook cactus
genus Stenocactus (K. Schumann) A.W. Hill
genus Strombocactus Britton & Rose
genus Thelocactus (K.M. Schumann) Britton & Rose - thelocactus
genus Turbinicarpus Buxbaum & Backeberg

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