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Viola L.

kingdom Plantae - plants »  divisio Magnoliophyta - flowering plants »  class Rosopsida - eudicots »  order Malpighiales »  family Violaceae »  tribus Violeae

Scientific synonyms

Chrysion Spach
Crocion Nieuwland & Kaczmarek
Dischidium (Gingis) Reichenb.
Erpetion DC. ex Sweet
Ion Med.
Jacea Opiz non Miller
Lophion Spach
Mnemion Spach.

Other names

= pansy



Intertaxon relationships

parasite: Cecidophyes violae (Nalepa, 1902), Mycocentrospora acerina (R. Hartig) Deighton

consumer: Leiosoma cribrum (Gyllenhal, 1834), Orobitis cyanea (Linnaeus, 1758)

consumer (larval stage only): Speyeria aglaja (Linnaeus, 1758) - Dark Green Fritillary, Boloria thore (Hübner, 1803) - Thore's Fritillary

Included taxa

Number of records: 27

section Viola sect. Andinium W. Becker
section Viola sect. Chilenium W. Becker
section Viola sect. Danxiaviola W. B. Liao & Q. Fan
section Viola sect. Delphiniopsis W. Becker
section Viola sect. Erpetion (Sweet) Benth. & Hook f.
section Viola sect. Leptidium (Ging.) W. Becker
section Viola sect. Melanium Ging.
section Viola sect. Nosphinium W. Becker
section Viola sect. Rubellium W. Becker
section Viola sect. Sclerosium W. Becker
section Viola sect. Spathulidium Marcussen et al. ined.
section Viola sect. Tridens W. Becker
section Viola sect. Viola L.
section Viola sect. Xylinosium W. Becker

Unplaced taxa

species Viola alexejana Kamelin & Junussov inc.sed.
species Viola curicoensis W. Becker inc.sed.
species Viola glandularis H. E. Ballard & P. Jørg. inc.sed.
species Viola improcera L. G. Adams inc.sed.
species Viola merrilliana W. Becker inc.sed.
species Viola rudolphii Sparre inc.sed.
species Viola yuzufelensis A. P. Khokhr. inc.sed.
species Viola caleyana G. Don inc.sed.
species Viola cunninghamii Hook. f. inc.sed.

Links and literature

EN C. Ulloa et al. (2017): An integrated assessment of the vascular plant species of the Americas, Science. 358. 1614-1617 [as Viola L.]
Data retrieved on: 25 September 2019

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inc.sed. incertae sedis - uncertain placement within this taxon