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Rubiaceae Juss.

kingdom Plantae - plants »  divisio Magnoliophyta - flowering plants »  class Rosopsida - eudicots »  order Gentianales

Scientific synonyms

incl. Dialypetalanthaceae Rizz. & Occh., Henriqueziaceae (Hook. f.) Bremek., Naucleaceae (DC.) Wernh.
Aparinaceae Adanson
Asperulaceae Spenner
Catesbaeaceae Martynov
Cephalanthaceae Rafinesque
Cinchonaceae Batsch
Coffeaceae Batsch
Coutareaceae Martynov

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Included taxa

Number of records: 26

genus Naletonia
genus Nargedia Bedd.
genus Nauclea L.
genus Neanotis W.H. Lewis
genus Neblinathamnus Steyerm.
genus Nematostylis Hook.f.
genus Nenax Gaertn.
genus Neobertiera Wernham
genus Neoblakea Standl.
genus Neobreonia Ridsdale
genus Neogaillonia Lincz.
genus Neohymenopogon Bennet
genus Neolamarckia Bosser - neolamarckia
genus Neolaugeria Nicolson - neolaugeria
genus Neoleroya Cavaco
genus Neonauclea Merr.
genus Neopentanisia Verdc.
genus Nernstia Urb.
genus Nertera Banks & Sol. ex Gaertn.
genus Nesohedyotis (Hook.f.) Bremek.
genus Neurocalyx Hook.
genus Nichallea Bridson
genus Nodocarpaea A. Gray
genus Nonatelia
genus Normandia Hook.f.
genus Nostolachma T. Durand

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