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Malvaceae Juss.

kingdom Plantae - plants »  divisio Magnoliophyta - flowering plants »  class Rosopsida - eudicots »  order Malvales

Scientific synonyms

incl. Hibiscaceae J.G. Agardh, Philippodendraceae Endl., Plagianthaceae J.G. Agardh, Plagiantheae J.G. Agardh
Clumniferae Scop.
Triplobaceae Rafinesque

Intertaxon relationships

consumer: Aspidapion radiolus (Marsham, 1802), Lixus pulverulentus (Scopoli, 1763)

Included taxa

Number of records: 10

subfamily Bombacoideae Burnett
subfamily Brownlowioideae Burret
subfamily Byttnerioideae Burnett
subfamily Dombeyoideae Beilschmied
subfamily Grewioideae Hochreutiner
subfamily Helicteroideae Meisner
subfamily Malvoideae Burnett
subfamily Sterculioideae Burnett
subfamily Tilioideae Arnott

Fossil taxa

genus Dombeyopsis Ung.

Links and literature

EN The Interim Register of Marine and Nonmarine Genera [114704]

Rees, T. (compiler): The Interim Register of Marine and Nonmarine Genera [] [as Malvaceae de Jussieu, 1789]
Data retrieved on: 4 April 2020
Hejný S., Slavík B., (Eds.) (2003): KVĚTENA ČR, díl 3, Academia, Praha, 542 str.

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