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colobid and leaf monkeys

kingdom Animalia - animals »  phylum Chordata - chordates »  class Mammalia - mammals »  order Primates - primates »  family Cercopithecidae - old world monkeys

Other names

= colobine monkeys
= langurs


Nasalis larvatus - Proboscis Monkey

Nasalis larvatus - Proboscis Monkey

Author: Adam Slavický

Colobus guereza caudatus - Mt. Kilimanjaro Guereza

Colobus guereza caudatus - Mt. Kilimanjaro Guereza

Author: Zdeněk Chalupa

Included taxa

Number of records: 18

genus Colobus Illiger, 1811
genus Nasalis É. Geoffroy, 1812
genus Piliocolobus Rochebrune, 1877 - red colobus
genus Presbytis Eschscholtz, 1821
genus Procolobus Rochebrune, 1877
genus Pygathrix É. Geoffroy, 1812
genus Rhinopithecus Milne-Edwards, 1872
genus Semnopithecus Desmarest, 1822
genus Simias Miller, 1903
genus Trachypithecus Reichenbach, 1862 - lutung

Fossil taxa

genus Cercopithecoides Mollett, 1947
genus Dolichopithecus Depéret, 1889
genus Libypithecus Stromer, 1913
genus Mesopithecus Wagner, 1839
genus Microcolobus Benefit & Pickford, 1986
genus Paracolobus Leakey, 1969
genus Parapresbytis Kalmykov & Maschenko, 1992
genus Rhinocolobus M.G. Leakey, 1982

Links and literature

CZ Anděra M. (1999): České názvy živočichů II. Savci (Mammalia), Národní muzeum, (zoologické odd.), Praha, 147 pp. [as Colobinae]

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