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Bela Gray, 1847

kingdom Animalia - animals »  phylum Mollusca - mollusks »  class Gastropoda - gastropods »  order Neogastropoda »  family Mangeliidae

Scientific synonyms

Fehria von Aartsen, 1988

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Shell rather small, 15-24 mm., elongate-fusiform, with an attenuated spire, 1,5 or more times the height of the aperture plus canal. The body-whorl is narrow, gradually contracted to a short, unnotched, spout-like anterior canal. Outer lip thin, without a varix. Sinus a weak broadly open chevron, its apex just above the weak shoulder angulation. Protoconch small, narrowly conical of about 3 ½ whorls, first two smooth, the remainder with spiral rows of tubercles. Adult sculpture of broadly rounded axial folds, which do not cross the shoulder slope and fade out at about the middle of the base. All post-embryonic whorls densely spirally striated. Colour varying from dull white to reddish-brown, the axials lighter coloured, Operculum apparently absent. Radula of marginals only, the individual teeth broad and flat, short and simple pointed, rising obliquely from a straight base.
The animal is of a general white or yellowish-white hue, speckled with flaky yellowish dots. The tentacula are rather short, clavate at their tips, thickened by the connate eye pedicles for nearly two-thirds of their lengths, with the part on which the eyes are borne rather prominent and bulging.
Source: Powell, 1966. The Molluscan Families Speightiidae and Turridae.


Recent, Norway and Britain to the Mediterranean and West Africa, Pleistocene of Iceland, England, Italy and Sicily, and Pliocene of northern Italy.
Author: Jan Delsing

Included taxa

Number of records: 36

species Bela alma K.H.J. Thiele, 1925

Bela alma

species Bela ampla E.A. Smith, 1884
species Bela anderssoni H. Strebel, 1908
species Bela anna K.H.J. Thiele, 1925

Bela anna

species Bela annemariae P. Lozouet, 2015
species Bela atlantidea (J. Knudsen, 1952)
species Bela beatriceae (P. Mariottini, 2007)
species Bela bella K.H. Barnard, 1958

Bela bella

species Bela chuni K.H.J. Thiele, 1925

Bela chuni

species Bela clarae A. Peñas & E. Rolán, 2008

Bela clarae

species Bela cycladensis (Reeve, 1845)
species Bela decussata (Locard, 1897)

Bela decussata

species Bela erosa (L. von Schrenck, 1861)
species Bela fiorentina G. Della Bella, Naldi & Scarponi, 2015
species Bela fortis L. A. Reeve, 1844

Bela fortis

species Bela ginnania Risso, 1826

Bela ginnania

species Bela laevigata (Philippi, 1836)

Bela laevigata

species Bela menkhorsti van Aartsen, 1988

Bela menkhorsti

species Bela minuta L. A. Reeve, 1844

Bela minuta

species Bela nassoides J. Gardner, 1938
species Bela nebula (Montagu, 1803)

Bela nebula

species Bela obliquigradata E.A. Smith, 1884
species Bela oceanica (Locard, 1897)

Bela oceanica

species Bela orientalis K.H.J. Thiele, 1925

Bela orientalis

species Bela paesleri H. Strebel, 1905
species Bela plagisculpta G. Della Bella, Naldi & Scarponi, 2015
species Bela powisiana (P. Dautzenberg, 1887)

Bela powisiana

species Bela pseudoexilis G. Della Bella, Naldi & Scarponi, 2015
species Bela simplicata É.A.A. Locard, 1896
species Bela subantarctica K.M. Derjugin, 1924
species Bela submarginata (G. Bonelli in L.M.D. Bellardi, 1847 )
species Bela taprurensis (Pallary, 1904)

Bela taprurensis

species Bela turcica K.H.J. Thiele, 1925

Bela turcica

species Bela turgida L. A. Reeve, 1844

Bela turgida

species Bela zenetouae (Van Aartsen, 1988)

Bela zenetouae

species Bela zonata (Locard, 1892)

Bela zonata

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