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Gammaproteobacteria Garrity, Bell & Lilburn, 2006

phylum Proteobacteria

Included taxa

Number of records: 23

order Acidithiobacillales Garrity, Bell & Lilburn, 2005
order Aeromonadales Martin-Carnahan & Joseph, 2005
order Alteromonadales Bowman & McMeekin, 2005
order Cardiobacteriales Garrity, Bell & Lilburn, 2005
order Chromatiales Imhoff, 2005
order Legionellales Garrity, Bell & Lilburn, 2005
order Methylococcales Bowman, 2005
order Oceanospirillales Garrity, Bell & Lilburn, 2005
order Pasteurellales Garrity, Bell & Lilburn, 2005
order Pseudomonadales Orla-Jensen, 1921
order Thiotrichales Garrity, Bell & Lilburn, 2005
order Vibrionales Garrity & Holt, 2001
order Xanthomonadales Saddler & Bradbury, 2005

Unplaced taxa

genus Alkalimonas Y. Ma, Y. Xue, Grant, Collins, Duckworth, Van Steenbergen & Jones, 2007 inc.sed.
genus Bowmanella W.D. Jean, J.S. Chen, Y.T. Lin & W.Y. Shieh, 2006 inc.sed.
genus Methylohalomonas Sorokin, Trocenko, Doroninová, Turovová, Galinski, Kolganovová & Muzyer, 2007 inc.sed.
genus Methylonatrum Sorokin et al., 2007 inc.sed.
genus Sedimenticola Narasingarao & Häggblom, 2006 inc.sed.
genus Solimonas M.K. Kim, Y.J. Kim, D.H. Cho, T.H. Yi, N.K. Soung & D.C. Yang, 2007 inc.sed.
genus Thiohalomonas Sorokin, Turovová, Braker & Muyzer, 2007 inc.sed.
genus Thiohalophilus Sorokin, Turovová, Bezsoudnovová, Pol & Muyzer, 2007 inc.sed.

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inc.sed. incertae sedis - uncertain placement within this taxon