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Archicarabus Seidlitz, 1887

kingdom Animalia - animals »  phylum Arthropoda - arthropods »  class Insecta - insects »  order Coleoptera - beetles »  family Carabidae - ground and tiger beetles »  genus Carabus - ground beetle

Scientific synonyms

Aptocarabus Reitter, 1896
Archeocarabus Bengtsson, 1927
Deuterocarabus Reitter, 1896
Nemoralus Schuler, 1976
Ripocarabus Reitter, 1896

Temporal range:Upper Pliocene - recent
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Included taxa

Number of records: 10

species Carabus gotschi Chaudoir, 1846

Carabus gotschi

species Carabus monticola Dejean, 1826

Carabus monticola

species Carabus montivagus Palliardi, 1825

Carabus montivagus

species Carabus nemoralis Müller, 1764 - Wood Carabid

Carabus nemoralis - Wood Carabid

species Carabus phoenix Lapouge, 1924
species Carabus pseudomonticola Lapouge, 1908

Carabus pseudomonticola

species Carabus rossii Dejean, 1826
species Carabus steuartii Deyrolle, 1852
species Carabus victor Fischer, 1836

Carabus victor

species Carabus wiedemanni Ménétriés, 1836

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