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kingdom Animalia - animals »  phylum Arthropoda - arthropods »  class Insecta - insects »  order Lepidoptera - butterflies and moths »  family Saturniidae - emperor moths

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Included taxa

Number of records: 72

genus Adetmoeris Michener, 1949
genus Adetomeris Michener, 1949
genus Agliopsis
genus Ancistrota Hübner, 1819
genus Antarctia
genus Argyrauges
genus Arias Lemaire, 1995
genus Automerella Michener, 1949
genus Automerina Michener, 1949
genus Automeris Hübner, 1819
genus Automerula Michener, 1949
genus Callodirphia Michener, 1949
genus Catacantha Bouvier, 1930
genus Catharisa Jordan, 1911
genus Cerodirphia Michener, 1949
genus Cinommata Butler, 1882
genus Coloradia Blake, 1863
genus Dihirpa
genus Dirphia Hübner, 1819
genus Dirphiella Michener, 1949
genus Dirphiopsis Bouvier, 1928
genus Eubergia Bouvier, 1929
genus Eudyaria Dyar, 1898
genus Gamelia
genus Heliconisa Walker, 1855
genus Hemileuca Walker, 1855
genus Hera
genus Hidripa
genus Hirpida Draudt, 1929
genus Hispaniodirphia Lemaire, 1999
genus Hylesia Hübner, 1820
genus Hyperchiria Hübner, 1819
genus Hyperchirioides Lemaire, 1981
genus Ithomisa
genus Leucanella Lemaire, 1969
genus Lonomia
genus Meroleuca
genus Molippa
genus Ormiscodes Blanchard, 1852
genus Paradirphia Michener, 1949
genus Periga Walker, 1855
genus Perigopsis
genus Periphoba Hübner, 1820
genus Phidira
genus Plateia
genus Prodirphia
genus Prohylesia
genus Pseudautomeris Lemaire, 1966
genus Pseudodirphia Bouvier, 1928
genus Rhodirphia
genus Thauma

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