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Oedipodinae Thomas, C., 1872

kingdom Animalia - animals »  phylum Arthropoda - arthropods »  class Insecta - insects »  order Orthoptera - grasshoppers, crickets and katydids »  family Acrididae


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Included taxa

Number of records: 61

tribus Acrotylini Shumakov, 1963
tribus Aiolopini Shumakov, 1963
tribus Anconiini Otte, D., 1995
tribus Arphiini Otte, D., 1995
tribus Bryodemini Bei-Bienko, 1930
tribus Hippiscini
tribus Locustini Kirby, 1825
tribus Oedipodini Thomas, C., 1872
tribus Psinidiini
tribus Trilophidiini Shumakov, 1963
genus Angaracrisoides Gong, Y. & Z. Zheng, 2003
genus Asphingoderus Bei-Bienko, 1950
genus Atympanum Yin, X., 1982
genus Aulocaroides F. Werner, 1913
genus Aurilobulus Yin, X., 1979
genus Austroicetes Uvarov, 1925
genus Brancsikellus Berg, C., 1899
genus Chloebora Saussure, 1884
genus Chondronotulus Uvarov, 1956
genus Chortoicetes Brunner von Wattenwyl, 1893
genus Crinita Dirsh, 1949
genus Cyanicaudata Yin, X., 1979
genus Diraneura Scudder, S.H., 1897
genus Dittopternis Saussure, 1884
genus Elmisia Dirsh, 1949
genus Eokingdonella Yin, X., 1984
genus Eremoscopus Bei-Bienko, 1951
genus Eurysternacris Chopard, 1947
genus Fitzgeraldia Uvarov, 1952
genus Flatovertex Z. Zheng, 1981
genus Homoeopternis Uvarov, 1953
genus Humbe I. Bolívar, 1882
genus Jacobsiella Harz, 1975
genus Jinabia Uvarov, 1952
genus Kinshaties Z. Zheng, 1977
genus Leptopternis Saussure, 1884
genus Longipternis Yin, X., 1984
genus Mecistopteryx Saussure, 1888
genus Mioedipoda Stidham, T.A. & J.A. Stidham, 2000
genus Morphacris F. Walker, 1870
genus Nepalacris Balderson & X. Yin, 1987
genus Nymphacrida Zhang, Junfeng, B. Sun & Xiyu Zhang, 1994
genus Oedemastopoda Zhang, Junfeng, B. Sun & Xiyu Zhang, 1994
genus Oreacris I. Bolívar, 1911
genus Promesosternus Yin, X., 1982
genus Pseudaiolopus Hollis, 1967
genus Pycnocrania Uvarov, 1941
genus Pycnodella Descamps, 1965
genus Pycnodictya Stål, 1873
genus Pycnostictus Saussure, 1884
genus Qualetta Sjöstedt, 1921
genus Rashidia Uvarov, 1933
genus Tibetacris Chen, Yonglin, 1964
genus Tmetonota Saussure, 1884
genus Wernerella Karny, 1907
genus Yiacris Z. Zheng & J. Chen, 1993
genus Zimbabwea Miller, N.C.E., 1949

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