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Muntiacus Rafinesque, 1815

kingdom Animalia - animals »  phylum Chordata - chordates »  class Mammalia - mammals »  order Cetartiodactyla - even-toed ungulates »  family Cervidae - deer and moose »  tribus Muntiacini - Muntjac Deer

Scientific synonyms

Megamuntiacus Do Tuoc, Vu Van Dung, Dawson, Arctander & Mackinnon, 1994

Other names

= barking deer

Type taxon:Cervus muntjak Zimmermann, 1780

Included taxa

Number of records: 23

species Muntiacus atherodes Groves & Grubb, 1982 - Bornean Yellow Muntjac

Muntiacus atherodes

species Muntiacus crinifrons (Sclater, 1885) - Hairy-fronted Muntjac

Muntiacus crinifrons

species Muntiacus feae (Thomas & Doria, 1889) - Fea's Muntjac

Muntiacus feae

species Muntiacus gigas Wei, Wu, Zhang & Han, 1990 - Giant Muntjac

Muntiacus gigas

species Muntiacus gongshanensis Ma in Ma, Wang & Shi, 1990 - Gongshan Muntjac
species Muntiacus montanus Robinson & Kloss, 1918 - Sumatran Muntjac
species Muntiacus muntjak (Zimmermann, 1780) - Southern Red Muntjac

Muntiacus muntjak

species Muntiacus putaoensis Amato, Egan & Rabinowitz, 1999 - Leaf Muntjac
species Muntiacus reevesi (Ogilby, 1839) - Reeve's Muntjac

Muntiacus reevesi

species Muntiacus rooseveltorum Osgood, 1932 - Roosevelt's Muntjac
species Muntiacus truongsonensis Giao, Tuoc, Dung, Wikramanayake, Amato, Arctander & MacKinnon, 1998 - Annamite Muntjac

Muntiacus truongsonensis

species Muntiacus vaginalis (Boddaert, 1785) - Northern Red Muntjac

Muntiacus vaginalis

Fossil taxa

species Muntiacus bohlini Teilhard de Chardin, 1940
species Muntiacus fenghoensis Chow, 1956
species Muntiacus hengduanshanensis Zong, Chen, Huang & Xu, 1996
species Muntiacus lacustris (Teilhard de Chardin & Trassaert, 1937)
species Muntiacus leilaoensis Dong, Pan & Liu, 2004
Tertiary: Upper Miocene
species Muntiacus nanus (Teilhard de Chardin & Trassaert, 1937)
species Muntiacus noringenensis Dong, 2007
species Muntiacus pliocaenicus Korotkevitch, 1965
species Muntiacus polonicus Czyzewska, 1968
species Muntiacus szechuanensis Young & Liu, 1950
species Muntiacus zhaotongensis Dong, Ji, Jablonski, Su & Li, 2014
Tertiary: Upper Miocene

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