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even-toed ungulates
Cetartiodactyla Montgelard, Catzeflis & Douzery, 1997

kingdom Animalia - animals »  phylum Chordata - chordates »  class Mammalia - mammals »  infraclass Eutheria

Scientific synonyms

Artiodactyla Owen, 1841

Temporal range:Tertiary > Paleogene > Eocene > Lower Eocene – recent


Choeropsis liberiensis - Pygmy Hippopotamus

Choeropsis liberiensis - Pygmy Hippopotamus

Author: Michal Sloviak

Cervus elaphus hippelaphus - Central European Red Deer

Cervus elaphus hippelaphus - Central European Red Deer, male

Author: Lubomír Klátil

Orcinus orca - Killer Whale

Orcinus orca - Killer Whale

Author: Klaus Rudloff

Functions restricted to taxon Cetartiodactyla

Important groups

Hippopotamidae, Cetacea, Suidae, Tayassuidae - peccaries, Camelidae - camels, Cervidae - deer and moose, Bovidae - cattle, antelopes, sheep and goats, Giraffidae - giraffes and okapis

Included taxa

Number of records: 4

suborder Suiformes Jaeckel, 1911 - pigs and peccaries
suborder Tylopoda Illiger, 1811 - camels and llamas
suborder Ruminantia Scopoli, 1777 - ruminants
suborder Cetancodonta Arnason, Gullberg, Gretasdottir, Ursing & Janke, 2000

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