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Tetrigidae Serville, 1838

kingdom Animalia - animals »  phylum Arthropoda - arthropods »  class Insecta - insects »  order Orthoptera - grasshoppers, crickets and katydids »  superfamily Tetrigoidea



Included taxa

Number of records: 29

subfamily Batrachideinae I. Bolívar, 1887
subfamily Cladonotinae I. Bolívar, 1887
subfamily Cleostratinae Steinmann, 1970
subfamily Discotettiginae C. Willemse, 1930
subfamily Lophotettiginae J.L. Hancock, 1909
subfamily Metrodorinae I. Bolívar, 1887
subfamily Scelimeninae C. Willemse, 1930
subfamily Tetriginae Serville, 1838
subfamily Tripetalocerinae J.L. Hancock, 1907

Unplaced taxa

tribus Xerophyllini K. Günther, 1979
genus Aalatettix Z. Zheng & B. Mao, 2002
genus Bidentatettix Z. Zheng, 1992
genus Castetsia I. Bolívar, 1902
genus Christa J.A.G. Rehn, 1914
genus Cyphotettix J.A.G. Rehn, 1952
genus Lepocranus Devriese, 1991
genus Paramphinotus Z. Zheng, 2004
genus Peronotettix J.A.G. Rehn, 1952
genus Pseudepitettix Z. Zheng, 1995
genus Pseudosystolederus K. Günther, 1939
genus Pseudoxistrella Liang, 1991
genus Rehnitettix K. Günther, 1939
genus Rosacris I. Bolívar, 1930
genus Silanotettix K. Günther, 1959
genus Tuberfemurus Z. Zheng, 1992
genus Yunnantettix Z. Zheng, 1995

Fossil taxa

genus Archaeotetrix Sharov, 1968
genus Eozaentetrix Zessin, 2017
genus Prototetrix Sharov, 1968

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