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kingdom Animalia - animals »  phylum Chordata - chordates »  order Dinosauria - dinosaurs »  infraorder Stegosauria

Temporal range:Jurassic > Middle JurassicCretaceous > Upper Cretaceous


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Number of records: 18

genus Chialingosaurus Young, 1959
genus Chungkingosaurus Dong, Zhou & Zhang, 1983
genus Craterosaurus Seeley, 1874
Cretaceous: Lower Cretaceous
genus Dacentrurus Lucas, 1902
genus Gigantspinosaurus Ouyang, 1992
Jurassic: Upper Jurassic
genus Hesperosaurus Carpenter, Miles & Cloward, 2001
Jurassic: Upper Jurassic
genus Huyangosaurus Dong, Tang & Zhou, 1982
Jurassic: Middle Jurassic
genus Jiangjunosaurus Chengkai et al., 2007
Jurassic: Upper Jurassic
genus Kentrosaurus Hennig, 1915
genus Lexovisaurus Hoffstetter, 1957
genus Loricatosaurus Maidment, Norman, Barrett & Upchurch, 2008
genus Miragaia Mateus, Maidment & Christiansen, 2009
genus Monkonosaurus Zhao, 1983
genus Paranthodon Nopcsa, 1929
genus Regnosaurus Mantell, 1848
Cretaceous: Lower Cretaceous
genus Stegosaurus Marsh, 1877
genus Tuojiangosaurus Dong, Li, Zhou & Zhang, 1973
genus Wuerhosaurus Dong, 1973

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