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Solemya Lamarck, 1818

kingdom Animalia - animals »  phylum Mollusca - mollusks »  class Bivalvia - bivalves »  order Solemyida »  family Solemyidae

Scientific synonyms

Petrasma Dall, 1908
Solenimya Bowdich, 1822
Solenomya Children, 1823
Solenymia Swainson, 1840
Solenymya Schaufuss, 1869
Stephanopus Scacchi, 1833


Shell inequilateral, elongate, inflated to compressed, usually equivalve. Shell weak without external sculpture except for weak radial ribs or furrows. Periostracum dominating shell, thick, varnished, extending beyond shell. Umbones not prominent, near posterior end. Hinge plate weak, edentate; ligament opisthodetic, internal, with or without supporting buttresses. Posterior adductor scar small; anterior scar large, continuous with oblique pedal retractor scar.
The features used to differentiate the three living subgenera of Solemya include the presence or absence of lateral buttresses supporting the shallow resilifer, and the presence and extent of the subumbonal uncalcified area covered by lobes of the ligament. The function of this organic break in the shell is not known, but it may permit twisting of the valves in a fashion similar to the slit in the shell of certain members of the family Periplomatidae. Two subgenera are represented in the northeastern Pacific. The genus is known from the Jurassic. The name is derived from the Greek solen, a pipe, and the latin word mya, a sea mussel, and is feminine.
Source: Coan, E. et al., 2000. Bivalve Seashells of Western North America. Marine bivalve mollusks from Arctic Alaska to Baja California.
Small shells. Compressed. Equivalve. Inequilateral, beaks near the posterior margin. Outline elongate oval. Hinge lacking teeth, ligament behind the umbos external or partly internal with chondrophore. Sculpture with weak radial lines, periostraeum overlapping shell margins.
Oliver, P.G., 1992. Bivalved Seashells of the Red Sea.
Author: Jan Delsing

Included taxa

Number of records: 22

species Solemya africana Martens, 1880
species Solemya atacama (Kuznetzov & Schileyko, 1984)
species Solemya australis Lamarck, 1818 - Southern Date-shell

Solemya australis - 000000000111

species Solemya borealis Totten, 1834 - Boreal Awningclam
species Solemya elarraichensis Oliver, Rodrigues & Cunha, 2011
species Solemya flava Sato, Sasaki & Watanabe, 2013
species Solemya japonica (R. W. Dunker, 1882)
species Solemya moretonensis Taylor, Glover & Williams, 2008
species Solemya notialis L. R. L. Simone, 2009
species Solemya occidentalis Deshayes, 1857 - West Indian Awningclam

Solemya occidentalis - 000000000111

species Solemya panamensis Dall, 1908
species Solemya parkinsoni E. A. Smith, 1874
species Solemya pervernicosa T. Kuroda, 1948

Solemya pervernicosa - 000000000111

species Solemya pusilla A. A. Gould, 1861
species Solemya reidi F. R. Bernard, 1980 - Gutless Awningclam

Solemya reidi - 000000000111

species Solemya tagiri Okutani, Hashimoto & Miura, 2003
species Solemya terraereginae Iredale, 1929
species Solemya togata Poli, 1795
species Solemya valvulus (P. P. Carpenter, 1864) - Pacific Awningclam

Solemya valvulus - 000000000111

species Solemya velesiana Iredale, 1931
species Solemya velum Say, 1822 - Atlantic Awningclam

Solemya velum - 000000000111

species Solemya winckworthi B. Prashad, 1932

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