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Formicidae Latreille, 1809

kingdom Animalia - animals »  phylum Arthropoda - arthropods »  class Insecta - insects »  order Hymenoptera - bees, ants and wasps »  superfamily Vespoidea


Camponotus - black carpenter ant

Camponotus - black carpenter ant

Author: Pavel Krásenský

Lasius flavus - Yellow Meadow Ant

Lasius flavus - Yellow Meadow Ant

Author: Pavel Krásenský

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Included taxa

Number of records: 30

subfamily Agroecomyrmecinae Carpenter, 1930
subfamily Amblyoponinae
subfamily Aneuretinae
subfamily Apomyrminae
subfamily Dolichoderinae
subfamily Dorylinae
subfamily Ectatomminae Emery, 1895
subfamily Formicinae
subfamily Heteroponerinae Bolton, 2003
subfamily Leptanillinae Emery, 1910
subfamily Martialinae
subfamily Myrmeciinae
subfamily Myrmicinae
subfamily Ponerinae
subfamily Pseudomyrmecinae

Fossil taxa

subfamily Brownimeciinae Bolton, 2003
subfamily Formiciinae Lutz, 1986
subfamily Haidomyrmecinae Bolton, 2003
subfamily Sphecomyrminae Wilson & Brown, 1967
genus Archaeopone Dlussky, 1975 inc.sed.
genus Camelomecia Barden & Grimaldi, 2016 inc.sed.
genus Curticorna Hong, 2002 inc.sed.
genus Eoaenictites Hong, 2002 inc.sed.
genus Fonsecahymen Martins-Neto & Mendes, 2002 inc.sed.
genus Klondikia Dlussky & Rasnitsyn, 2002 inc.sed.
genus Kohlsimyrma Dlussky & Rasnitsyn, 2002 inc.sed.
genus Myanmyrma Engel & Grimaldi, 2005 inc.sed.
genus Poneropterus Dlussky, 1983 inc.sed.

Nomina dubia dub.

genus Condylodon Lund, 1831 inc.sed. dub.
genus Hypochira Buckley, 1866 inc.sed. dub.

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extinct taxon

inc.sed. incertae sedis - uncertain placement within this taxon

dub. nomen dubium - name of unknown or doubtful application