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Pteromalidae Dalman, 1820

kingdom Animalia - animals »  phylum Arthropoda - arthropods »  class Insecta - insects »  order Hymenoptera - bees, ants and wasps »  superfamily Chalcidoidea


Functions restricted to taxon Pteromalidae

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Included taxa

Number of records: 54

subfamily Asaphinae
subfamily Austrosystasinae
subfamily Austroterobiinae
subfamily Ceinae
subfamily Cerocephalinae
subfamily Chromeurytominae
subfamily Cleonyminae
subfamily Coelocybinae
subfamily Colotrechninae
subfamily Cratominae
subfamily Diparinae
subfamily Erotolepsiinae
subfamily Eunotinae
subfamily Herbertiinae
subfamily Keiraninae
subfamily Leptofoeninae
subfamily Louriciinae
subfamily Macromesinae
subfamily Miscogasterinae
subfamily Nefoeninae
subfamily Neodiparinae
subfamily Ormocerinae
subfamily Panstenoninae
subfamily Parasaphodinae
subfamily Pireninae
subfamily Pteromalinae
subfamily Spalangiinae
subfamily Storeyinae
genus Acaenasis Girault, 1917
genus Arachnopteromalus Gordh, 1976
genus Bubekia Dalla Torre, 1897
genus Chalcedectus Walker, 1852
genus Chrysoglyphe Ashmead, 1894
genus Epipteromalus Ashmead, 1904
genus Epistenia Westwood, 1832
genus Eurydinoteloides Girault, 1913
genus Halticopteroides Girault, 1913
genus Hedqvistia Gibson, 2003
genus Heteroschema Gahan, 1919
genus Jaliscoa Boucek, 1993
genus Lelaps Walker, 1843
genus Lycisca Spinola, 1840
genus Lyrcus Walker, 1842
genus Miristhma Boucek, 1993
genus Ogloblinisca Hedqvist, 1968
genus Propodeia Boucek, 1993
genus Proschizonotus Girault, 1928
genus Protoepistenia Gibson, 2003
genus Shedoepistenia Gibson, 2003
genus Systatis Walker, 1834
genus Toxeumella Girault, 1913
genus Uniclypea Boucek, 1976

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