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Apoidea Latreille, 1802

kingdom Animalia - animals »  phylum Arthropoda - arthropods »  class Insecta - insects »  order Hymenoptera - bees, ants and wasps »  suborder Apocrita

Scientific synonyms

incl. Sphecoidea


Andrena clarkella - Clark's Mining Bee

Andrena clarkella - Clark's Mining Bee

Author: Pavel Schlemmer

Anthidium manicatum - Wool Carder Bee

Anthidium manicatum - Wool Carder Bee, male

Author: Ondřej Zicha

Important groups

Sphecidae, Megachilidae - mason bees

Related glossary terms

pollen brush

Included taxa

Number of records: 14

family Heterogynaidae Nagy, 1969
family Ampulicidae Shuckard, 1840 - cockroach wasps
family Sphecidae Latreille, 1802
family Crabronidae Latreille, 1802
family Andrenidae - mining bees
family Apidae Latreille, 1802 - bees
family Colletidae - plasterer bees
family Dasypodaidae
family Halictidae Thomson, 1869 - sweat bees
family Megachilidae Latreille, 1802 - mason bees
family Meganomiidae
family Melittidae

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Data source info

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Noyes, Dr John (ed.). 2006. Apoidea. Fauna Europaea version 1.2,
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