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house flies

kingdom Animalia - animals »  phylum Arthropoda - arthropods »  class Insecta - insects »  order Diptera - true flies, mosquitoes and gnats »  superfamily Muscoidea

Scientific synonyms

incl. Eginiidae


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Included taxa

Number of records: 66

subfamily Achanthipterinae
subfamily Azeliinae
subfamily Coenosiinae
subfamily Cyrtoneurininae
subfamily Dichaetomyiinae
subfamily Muscinae
subfamily Mydaeinae
subfamily Phaoniinae
subfamily Reinwardtiinae

Unplaced taxa

genus Afromydaea Malloch, 1930
genus Agenamyia Albuquerque, 1953
genus Airalips Snyder, 1949
genus Albertinella Couri & Carvalho, 1995
genus Alluaudinella Giglio-Tos, 1895
genus Amicitia van Emden, 1940
genus Anacanthiptera Séguy, 1937
genus Anacanthosphys Enderlein, 1935
genus Anacrostichia Enderlein, 1933
genus Anaphalanthus Schiner, 1868
genus Anaphalantus Loew, 1857
genus Andersonosia van Emden, 1940
genus Annaria Zielke, 1972
genus Anthocoena van Emden, 1941
genus Anthocoenosia Xue & Xiang, 1994
genus Antholimna van Emden, 1941
genus Apisia Séguy, 1950
genus Apographomyia Séguy, 1937
genus Ariciella Malloch, 1918
genus Aspilia L. M. A. A. Du Petit-Thouars, 1806
genus Atelia Enderlein, 1934
genus Auria Malloch, 1928
genus Awatia Townsend, 1921
genus Bdellia Enderlein, 1928
genus Bdellolarynx Austen, 1909
genus Bebryx Gistl, 1848
genus Bigotomyia Malloch, 1921
genus Biomyia Coquillet, 1897
genus Brachiophyra Giglio-Tos, 1893
genus Brachyasterina Macquart, 1851
genus Brevicosta Malloch, 1921
genus Bruceomyia Malloch, 1932
genus Bryantina Malloch, 1926
genus Bucephalomyia Malloch, 1918
genus Caenosia Gimmerthal, 1834
genus Calliophrys Kowarz, 1893
genus Camptotarsopoda Strand, 1928
genus Camptotarsus Stein, 1913
genus Canosia Lioy, 1864
genus Chaetophaonia Carvalho & Nihei, 2005
genus Crucianella Xue & Xiang, 1994
genus Curranosia Paterson, 1957
genus Deltotus Séguy, 1935
genus Dimorphia Malloch, 1922
genus Dolichophaonia Carvalho, 1993
genus Eupogonomyia Malloch, 1921
genus Gymnodia Robineau-Desvoidy, 1863
genus Haematostoma Malloch, 1932
genus Hemichlora Van der Wulp, 1896
genus Hennigmyia
genus Lyperosiops Townsend, 1912
genus Macroeginia Malloch, 1928
genus Micropotamia Carvalho, 1993
genus Neohydrotaea Malloch, 1924
genus Palpibracus Rondani, 1846
genus Plexiopsis Huckett, 1966
genus Souzalopesmyia Albuquerque, 1951

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