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stilt-legged flies
Micropezidae Desmarest, 1860

kingdom Animalia - animals »  phylum Arthropoda - arthropods »  class Insecta - insects »  order Diptera - true flies, mosquitoes and gnats »  superfamily Nerioidea


Included taxa

Number of records: 33

subfamily Calobatinae Balogh & Balogh, 1984
subfamily Calycopteryginae
subfamily Eurybatinae
subfamily Micropezinae
subfamily Taeniapterinae
genus Aristobata Frey, 1927
genus Calosphen Hennig, 1934
genus Cardiacephala Macquart, 1843
genus Chaetotylus Hendel, 1932
genus Cliobata Enderlein, 1923
genus Courtoisia Barraclough, 1993
genus Cryogonus Cresson, 1926
genus Ectemnodera Enderlein, 1922
genus Electrobata Hennig, 1965
genus Erythromyiella Hennig, 1935
genus Globomyia Hennig, 1935
genus Globopeza Marshall, 2005
genus Glyphodera Enderlein, 1922
genus Hemichaeta Hennig, 1934
genus Mesoconius Enderlein, 1922
genus Metasphen Frey, 1927
genus Neograllomyia Hendel, 1933
genus Notenthes Marshall, 2002
genus Paramimegralla Hennig, 1937
genus Parasphen Enderlein, 1922
genus Plocoscelus Enderlein, 1922
genus Poecilotylus Hennig, 1934
genus Pseudeurybata Hennig, 1934
genus Ptilosphen Enderlein, 1922
genus Scipopus Enderlein, 1922
genus Stiltissima Barraclough, 1991
genus Tenthes Cresson, 1930
genus Trepidarioides Frey, 1927

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