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assassin and thread-legged bugs
Reduviidae Latreille, 1807

kingdom Animalia - animals »  phylum Arthropoda - arthropods »  class Insecta - insects »  order Hemiptera - bugs »  superfamily Reduvioidea


Rhodnius prolixus

Rhodnius prolixus

Author: MVDr. David Modrý, PhD.

Rhynocoris iracundus - Red Assassin Bug

Rhynocoris iracundus - Red Assassin Bug

Author: Vladimír Motyčka

Functions restricted to taxon Reduviidae

Included taxa

Number of records: 29

subfamily Bactrodinae Stål, 1866
subfamily Centrocnemidinae Miller, 1956
subfamily Cetherinae Jeannel, 1919
subfamily Chryxinae Champion, 1898
subfamily Ectrichodiinae Amyot & Serville, 1843
subfamily Elasmodeminae Lethierry & Severin, 1896
subfamily Emesinae Amyot & Serville, 1843
subfamily Hammacerinae Stål, 1859
subfamily Harpactorinae Amyot & Audinet-Serville, 1843
subfamily Holoptilinae Amyot & Serville, 1843
subfamily Manangocorinae Miller, 1954
subfamily Peiratinae Amyot & Serville, 1843
subfamily Phimophorinae Handlirsch, 1897
subfamily Phymatinae Laporte, 1832
subfamily Physoderinae Miller, 1954
subfamily Pseudocetherinae Villiers, 1963
subfamily Reduviinae Latreille, 1807
subfamily Saicinae Stål, 1859
subfamily Salyavatinae Amyot & Serville, 1843
subfamily Sphaeridopinae Amyot & Serville, 1843
subfamily Stenopodainae Amyot & Serville, 1843
subfamily Triatominae Jeannel, 1919
subfamily Tribelocephalinae Stal, 1866
subfamily Vesciinae Fracker & Bruner, 1924
subfamily Visayanocorinae Miller, 1952

Unplaced taxa

genus Evagoras Burmeister, 1843
genus Porcelloderes Rédei, 2012

Fossil taxa

genus Eothes Scudder, 1890
genus Miocoris Cockerell, 1927

Links and literature

CZ Hudec K., Kolibáč J., Laštůvka Z., Peňáz M. a kol. (2007): Příroda České republiky: průvodce faunou, Academia [as Reduviidae]

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