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Cicadellidae Latreille, 1802

kingdom Animalia - animals »  phylum Arthropoda - arthropods »  class Insecta - insects »  order Hemiptera - bugs »  superfamily Membracoidea

Scientific synonyms



Graphocephala coccinea

Graphocephala coccinea

Author: Susan Ellis, ,

Functions restricted to taxon Cicadellidae

Included taxa

Number of records: 35

subfamily Agalliinae
subfamily Aphrodinae
subfamily Arrugadiinae Linnavuori, 1965
subfamily Bathysmatophorinae Anufriev, 1978
subfamily Cicadellinae Latreille, 1802
subfamily Coelidiinae Dohrn, 1859
subfamily Deltocephalinae Dallas, 1870
subfamily Dorycephalinae
subfamily Eurymelinae Amyot & Serville, 1843
subfamily Evacanthinae Metcalf, 1939
subfamily Gyponinae
subfamily Hylicinae Distant, 1908
subfamily Iassinae Walker, 1870
subfamily Idiocerinae Baker, 1915
subfamily Ledrinae
subfamily Macropsinae
subfamily Megophthalminae
subfamily Mileewaninae Evans, 1947
subfamily Nastlopiinae Szwedo & Gebicki, 2002
subfamily Neobalinae Linnavuori, 1959
subfamily Neocoelidiinae Oman, 1943
subfamily Neopsinae Linnavuori, 1978
subfamily Nioniinae Oman, 1943
subfamily Nirvaninae Baker, 1923
subfamily Portaninae Linnavuori, 1959
subfamily Signoretiinae Baker, 1915
subfamily Tartessinae Distant, 1908
subfamily Typhlocybinae Kirschbaum, 1868
subfamily Ulopinae Le Peletier & Serville, 1825
subfamily Xestocephalinae Evans, 1938

Unplaced taxa

genus Apheliona Kirkaldy, 1907 inc.sed.
genus Carneocephala Ball, 1927
genus Metapocirtus O.G. Costa, 1834 inc.sed.
genus Spanbergiella Signoret, 1879

Fossil taxa

genus Austroscarites Jell, 2004 inc.sed.

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Taxa (not confirmed) - 27
Names (not confirmed) - 1


inc.sed. incertae sedis - uncertain placement within this taxon

extinct taxon