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Roccellaceae Chevall.

kingdom Fungi - fungi »  class Arthoniomycetes »  order Arthoniales

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Included taxa

Number of records: 56

genus Ancistroporella G. Thor
genus Ancistrosporella G. Thor
genus Angiactis Aptroot & Sparrius
genus Bactrospora A. Massal. - bactrospora lichen
genus Chiodecton Ach. - chiodecton lichen
genus Combea De Not.
genus Cresponea Egea & Torrente
genus Dendrographa Darb. - dendrographa lichen
genus Dichosporidium Pat.
genus Dimidiographa Ertz & Tehler
genus Diplogramma Müll. Arg.
genus Dirina Fr. - dirina lichen
genus Dolichocarpus R. Sant.
genus Enterodictyon Müll. Arg.
genus Enterographa Fée - enterographa lichen
genus Erythrodecton G. Thor
genus Feigeana Mies, Lumbsch & Tehler
genus Follmanniella Peine & B. Werner
genus Gorgadesia Tav.
genus Graphidastra (Redinger) G. Thor
genus Halographis Kohlm. & Volkm.-Kohlm.
genus Haplodina Zahlbr.
genus Hubbsia W.A. Weber
genus Ingaderia Darb.
genus Isalonactis Ertz, Tehler, Eb. Fisch., Killmann, Razafin. & Sérus
genus Lecanactis Körb. - old wood rimmed lichen
genus Lecanographa Egea & Torrente
genus Mazosia A. Massal.
genus Minksia Müll. Arg.
genus Opegrapha Ach. - scribble lichen
genus Paraingaderia Ertz & Tehler
genus Paralecanographa Ertz & Tehler
genus Paraschismatomma Ertz & Tehler
genus Pentagenella Darb.
genus Perigrapha Hafellner
genus Peterjamesia D. Hawksw.
genus Phoebus R.C. Harris & Ladd
genus Plectocarpon Fée - plectocarpon lichen
genus Protoroccella Follmann
genus Pseudolecanactis Zahlbr.
genus Pulvinodecton Henssen & G. Thor
genus Reinkella Darb. - reinkella lichen
genus Roccella DC. - roccella lichen
genus Roccellina Darb. - roccellina lichen
genus Roccellographa J. Steiner
genus Sagenidium Stirt.
genus Schismatomma Flot. & Körb. ex A. Massal. - schismatomma lichen
genus Schizopelte Th. Fr.
genus Sclerophyton Eschw. - sclerophyton lichen
genus Sigridea Tehler
genus Simonyella J. Steiner
genus Sipmania Egea & Torrente
genus Sporhaplus H.B.P. Upadhyay a
genus Streimannia G. Thor
genus Syncesia Taylor
genus Zwackhia Körb.

Links and literature

EN The Interim Register of Marine and Nonmarine Genera [110110]

Rees, T. (compiler): The Interim Register of Marine and Nonmarine Genera [] [as Roccellaceae Chevall., 1826]
Data retrieved on: 11 February 2020

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a anamorphic taxon - taxon used for grouping anamorphic species of fungi