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Oxytrichidae Ehrenberg, 1838

kingdom Chromalveolata »  phylum Ciliophora - ciliate »  class Spirotrichea »  order Sporadotrichida

Included taxa

Number of records: 14

subfamily Oxytrchinae Jankowski
subfamily Stylonychine Berger & Foissner, 1997

Unplaced taxa

genus Actinotricha Cohn, 1866 inc.sed.
genus Allotricha Sterki, 1878 inc.sed.
genus Ancystropodium Fauré-Fremiet, 1987 inc.sed.
genus Himantophorus Ehrenberg, 1838 inc.sed.
genus Histrio Sterki, 1878 inc.sed.
genus Laurentiella Dragesco & Njiné, 1971 inc.sed.
genus Nothopleurotricha Diesing, 1866 inc.sed.
genus Onychodromus Stein, 1859 inc.sed.
genus Opisthiotricha Perty, 1852 inc.sed.
genus Opisthotricha Kent, 1882 inc.sed.
genus Parahistriculus Grolière, 1976 inc.sed.
genus Prosopsenus André, 1916 inc.sed.

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Taxa (not confirmed) - 1


inc.sed. incertae sedis - uncertain placement within this taxon