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Sessilida Kahl, 1933

kingdom Chromalveolata »  phylum Ciliophora - ciliate »  class Oligohymenophorea »  subclass Peritrichia

Included taxa

Number of records: 24

family Astylozoidae Kahl, 1935
family Ellobiophryidae Chatton & Lwoff, 1923
family Epistylididae Kahl, 1933
family Lagenophryidae Bütschli, 1889
family Operculariidae Fauré-Fremiet in Corliss, 1979
family Ophrydiidae Ehrenberg, 1838
family Opisthonectidae Foissner, 1976
family Rovinjellidae Matthes, 1972
family Scyphidiidae Kahl, 1933
family Termitophryidae Lom in Corliss, 1979
family Usconophryidae Clamp, 1991
family Vaginicolidae de Fromentel, 1874
family Vorticellidae Ehrenberg, 1838
family Zoothamniidae Sommer, 1951

Unplaced taxa

genus Cothurniopsis Stokes, 1893 inc.sed.
genus Cothurnopsis Entz, 1884 inc.sed.
genus Craspedomyoschiston Precht, 1935 inc.sed.
genus Entziella Stiller, 1951 inc.sed.
genus Gonzeella Rufferath, 1953 inc.sed.
genus Myoschiston Precht, 1935 inc.sed.
genus Pachystomos Rudzinska, 1952 inc.sed.
genus Parazoothamnium Piesik, 1975 inc.sed.
genus Pseudothuricola Kahl, 1935 inc.sed.
genus Pseudovorticella Foissner & Schiffman, 1975 inc.sed.

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Names (not confirmed) - 3


inc.sed. incertae sedis - uncertain placement within this taxon