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Scutellastra granularis (Linnaeus, 1758)

kingdom Animalia - animals »  phylum Mollusca - mollusks »  class Gastropoda - gastropods »  family Patellidae »  genus Scutellastra

Scientific synonyms

Patella granularis Linnaeus, 1758
Patella vidua L. A. Reeve, 1854


Scutellastra granularis

Author: Jan Delsing

Scutellastra granularis

Author: Jan Delsing

Scutellastra granularis

Author: Jan Delsing

Scutellastra granularis

Author: Powell, A.W.B

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Shell of moderate size, up to 63 mm. (2,5 inches) in length, ovate, slightly narrowed in front, tall-conical, with the apex slightly anterior of the centre. Sculpture of strong, regular, rounded primary radial ribs, with slightly weaker intermediates; 1 to 3 intermediates between the primary radials; all ribs with closely-spaced, imbricated, scales, resultant from numerous, lamellose concentric growth lines. Colour: externally dull light-brown to grey, with the scales paler; internally bluish white, with a dark-brown, wide, marginal border, and a reddish brown spatula. In fully grown examples the border is usually continuous, but in young shells it is interrupted by bluish white radial streaks, corresponding with the external radials. Radula: Formula 3 + 1 + (2+1+2) + 1+3. Central teeth 5, the middle member small and slender, almost vestigial, the outer pairs much larger, each with a long, pointed and incurved cusp; pluricuspid lateral with an enlarged top, bearing 4 cusps, of which the second from the proximal side is largest, and shaped like those of the central pairs; marginals 3, long, narrow and flexuous, each with a rudimentary cusp. Length: 44,5 – 63,0; Width: 36,0 – 48,0; Height 17.0 – 26.0
Source: Powell, 1973. The Patellid limpets of the world (Patellidae).

Interchangeable taxa

This common South African species is easily identified by its scaly external ribbing and bluish white interior, broadly margined in dark-brown, and with a reddish brown spatula.


South Africa, the entire coastline from Port Nolloth in the west to Umpangazi in the east.
Author: Jan Delsing

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