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kingdom Animalia - animals »  phylum Chordata - chordates »  class Actinopterygii - ray-finned fishes »  order Perciformes - perch-likes »  suborder Gobioidei

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Periophthalmus barbarus - Atlantic Mudskipper

Periophthalmus barbarus - Atlantic Mudskipper

Author: McMammal

Periophthalmus novemradiatus - Pearse's Mudskipper

Periophthalmus novemradiatus - Pearse's Mudskipper

Author: Alexandr Pospěch
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Number of records: 24

genus Aboma Jordan & Starks, 1895
genus Acanthogobius Gill, 1859
genus Acentrogobius Bleeker, 1874
genus Afurcagobius Gill, 1993
genus Akihito Watson, Keith & Marquet, 2007
genus Akko Birdsong & Robins, 1995
genus Amblychaeturichthys Bleeker, 1874
genus Amblyeleotris Bleeker, 1874
genus Amblygobius Bleeker, 1874
genus Amblyotrypauchen Hora, 1924
genus Amoya Herre, 1927
genus Anatirostrum Iljin, 1930
genus Aphia Risso, 1827
genus Apocryptes Valenciennes, 1837
genus Apocryptichthys Day, 1876
genus Apocryptodon Bleeker, 1874
genus Arcygobius Larson & Wright, 2003
genus Arenigobius Whitley, 1930
genus Aruma Ginsburg, 1933
genus Asterropteryx Rüppell, 1830
genus Astrabe Jordan & Snyder, 1901
genus Aulopareia Smith, 1945
genus Austrolethops Whitley, 1935
genus Awaous Valenciennes, 1837

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Froese R., Pauly D. (eds.): FishBase []
[Data retrieved on: 12 May 2007]

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