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kingdom Fungi - fungi »  class Lecanoromycetes »  subclass Lecanoromycetidae


Evernia prunastri - Ring Lichen

Evernia prunastri - Ring Lichen

Author: František Bouda

Ramalina farinacea - Farinose Cartilage Lichen

Ramalina farinacea - Farinose Cartilage Lichen

Author: František Bouda

Cladonia pyxidata - Cup Lichen

Cladonia pyxidata - Cup Lichen

Author: Jozef Oboňa

Functions restricted to taxon Lecanorales

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Included taxa

Number of records: 60

family Arctomiaceae
family Cladoniaceae
family Crocyniaceae
family Gypsoplacaceae Timdal
family Haematommataceae Hafellner
family Lecanoraceae Körb.
family Miltideaceae
family Parmeliaceae
family Psoraceae
family Ramalinaceae C. Agardh
family Vezdaeaceae

Unplaced taxa

genus Allophoron Nádv. inc.sed.
genus Aspilidea Hafellner inc.sed.
genus Auriculora Kalb inc.sed.
genus Bartlettiella D.J. Galloway & P.M. Jørg. inc.sed.
genus Bilimbia De Not. inc.sed.
genus Botryolepraria Canals, Hern.-Mar., Gómez-Bolea & Llimona inc.sed.
genus Brucea Rikkinen inc.sed.
genus Buelliastrum Zahlbr. inc.sed.
genus Chlorangium Rabenh. inc.sed.
genus Corticifraga D. Hawksw. & R. Sant. - corticifraga lichen inc.sed.
genus Corticiruptor Wedin & Hafellner inc.sed.
genus Farnoldia Hertel - farnoldia lichen inc.sed.
genus Haploloma Trevis. inc.sed.
genus Heterocyphelium Vain. - heterocyphelium lichen inc.sed.
genus Lecania A. Massal. - lecania lichen inc.sed.
genus Lecidoma Gotth. Schneid. & Hertel - lecidoma lichen inc.sed.
genus Leprocaulon Nyl. - mealy lichen inc.sed.
genus Melanolecia Hertel - melanolecia lichen inc.sed.
genus Mycobilimbia Rehm - mycobilimbia lichen inc.sed.
genus Myochroidea Printzen, T. Sprib. & Tønsberg inc.sed.
genus Nimisiostella Calat., Barreno & O.E. Erikss. inc.sed.
genus Notolecidea Hertel inc.sed.
genus Psilolechia A. Massal. - psilolechia lichen inc.sed.
genus Psorotichiella Werner inc.sed.
genus Ravenelula Speg. inc.sed.
genus Scoliciosporum A. Massal. - scoliciosporum lichen inc.sed.
genus Scutellaria Baumg. inc.sed.
genus Solenopsora A. Massal. - solenopsora lichen inc.sed.
genus Sphaerocarpus Ehrh. inc.sed.
genus Strangospora Körb. - strangospora lichen inc.sed.
genus Thamnolecania (Vain.) Gyeln. inc.sed.
genus Tremolecia M. Choisy - disc lichen inc.sed.
genus Tylophoron Nyl. ex Stizenb. - tylophoron lichen inc.sed.
genus Umbilithecium Etayo inc.sed.
genus Umushamyces Etayo inc.sed.

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inc.sed. incertae sedis - uncertain placement within this taxon