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kingdom Animalia - animals »  phylum Chordata - chordates »  class Actinopterygii - ray-finned fishes »  superorder Teleostei

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Included taxa

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family Cladocyclidae Maisey, 1991
family Ichthyodectidae Crook, 1892
genus Aidachar Nessov, 1981
genus Allothrissops Nybelin, 1964
genus Antarctithrissops Arratia et al., 2004
genus Ascalabothrissops Arratia, 2000
genus Chuhsiungichthys Yabumoto, 1994
genus Cooyoo Lees & Bartholomai, 1987
genus Faugichthys Taverne & Chanet, 2000
genus Garganoichthys Taverne, 2009
genus Heckelichthys Taverne, 2008
genus Occithrissops Schaeffer & Patterson, 1984
genus Ogunichthys Alvarado-Ortega & Brito, 2009
genus Pachythrissops Woodward, 1919
genus Proportheus Jaekel, 1909
genus Sultanuvaisia Nessov, 1981
genus Unamichthys Alvarado-Ortega, 2004

Ichthyodectiformes incertae sedis

genus Thrissops Agassiz, 1843

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