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kingdom Fungi - fungi »  class Agaricomycetes »  subclass Agaricomycetidae


Functions restricted to taxon Agaricales

Important groups

Marasmiaceae, Psathyrellaceae, Hydnangiaceae, Schizophyllaceae, Hygrophoraceae, Tricholomataceae - light spored grab bag, Amanitaceae - amanitas, Agaricaceae - veiled composters, Pluteaceae - pink spores and worm eaters, Bolbitiaceae, Cortinariaceae
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Included taxa

Number of records: 57

family Agaricaceae - veiled composters
family Amanitaceae - amanitas
family Bolbitiaceae
family Broomeiaceae
family Clavariaceae
family Hymenogasteraceae Vittad.
family Inocybaceae
family Marasmiaceae
family Mycenaceae Roze
family Niaceae
family Physalacriaceae Corner
family Pleurotaceae
family Pluteaceae Kotl. & Pouzar - pink spores and worm eaters
family Psathyrellaceae (Kühner) Locq.
family Pterulaceae
family Strophariaceae Singer & A.H.Sm.
family Tricholomataceae - light spored grab bag
family Typhulaceae

Unplaced taxa

genus Acinophora Raf. inc.sed.
genus Amogaster Castellano inc.sed.
genus Brunneocorticium Sheng H. Wu inc.sed.
genus Cheilophlebium Opiz & Gintl inc.sed.
genus Collyria Fr. inc.sed.
genus Cribrospora Pacioni & P. Fantini inc.sed.
genus Cycloderma Klotzsch inc.sed.
genus Disporotrichum Stalpers inc.sed.
genus Eriosperma Raf. inc.sed.
genus Gramincola Velen. inc.sed.
genus Hypomnema Britzelm. inc.sed.
genus Laterradea Raspail inc.sed.
genus Mesophelliopsis Bat. & A.F. Vital inc.sed.
genus Mycospongia Velen. inc.sed.
genus Panaeolina Maire inc.sed.
genus Panaeolus (Fr.) Quél. inc.sed.
genus Phlebophyllum R. Heim inc.sed.
genus Pilosace (Fr.) Quél. inc.sed.
genus Plicatura Peck inc.sed.
genus Plicaturopsis D.A. Reid inc.sed.
genus Polygaster Fr. inc.sed.
genus Rotula Raf. inc.sed.
genus Sedecula Zeller inc.sed.
genus Stemastrum Raf. inc.sed.
genus Stylobates Fr. inc.sed.
genus Trichocybe Vizzini inc.sed.

Fossil taxa

genus Aureofungus Hibbett, Manfr. Binder & Wang inc.sed.

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inc.sed. incertae sedis - uncertain placement within this taxon

extinct taxon