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Pucciniales Clem. & Shear

kingdom Fungi - fungi »  class Pucciniomycetes

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Functions restricted to taxon Pucciniales

Included taxa

Number of records: 44

family Chaconiaceae Cummins & Y. Hirats.
family Coleosporiaceae Dietel
family Cronartiaceae Dietel
family Melampsoraceae Dietel
family Mikronegeriaceae Cummins & Y. Hirats.
family Phakopsoraceae (Arthur) Cummins & Y. Hirats.
family Phragmidiaceae Corda
family Pileolariaceae (Arthur) Cummins & Y. Hirats.
family Pucciniaceae Chevall.
family Pucciniastraceae Gäum. ex Leppik
family Pucciniosiraceae (Dietel) Cummins & Y. Hirats.
family Raveneliaceae Leppik
family Uncolaceae Buriticá
family Uropyxidaceae (Arthur) Cummins & Y. Hirats.

Unplaced taxa

genus Aecidiconium Vuill. inc.sed.
genus Aecidiolum Unger inc.sed.
genus Aecidium Pers. inc.sed.
genus Caeoma Link inc.sed.
genus Desmella Syd. & P. Syd. inc.sed.
genus Desmellopsis J.M. Yen inc.sed.
genus Desmosorus Ritschel, Oberw. & Berndt inc.sed.
genus Edythea H.S. Jacks. inc.sed.
genus Elateraecium Thirum., F. Kern & B.V. Patil inc.sed.
genus Erysibe Theophr. ex Wallr. inc.sed.
genus Flaminia Sacc. & P. Syd. inc.sed.
genus Hemileia Berk. & Broome inc.sed.
genus Hiratsukaia Hara inc.sed.
genus Hiratsukamyces Thirum., F. Kern & B.V. Patil inc.sed.
genus Intrapes J.F. Hennen & Figueiredo inc.sed.
genus Malupa Y. Ono, Buriticá & J.F. Hennen inc.sed.
genus Masseeëlla Dietel inc.sed.
genus Mehtamyces Mundk. & Thirum. inc.sed.
genus Pelastoma Salazar, A.A. Carvalho & J.F. Hennen inc.sed.
genus Peridipes Buriticá & J.F. Hennen inc.sed.
genus Telomapea G. F. Laundon inc.sed.
genus Uraecium Arthur inc.sed.
genus Uredo Pers. inc.sed.

Fossil taxa

genus Shuklania J.N. Dwivedi inc.sed.
genus Uredinites Velen. inc.sed.

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inc.sed. incertae sedis - uncertain placement within this taxon

extinct taxon