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Saccharomycetales Kudrjanzev

kingdom Fungi - fungi »  class Saccharomycetes »  subclass Saccharomycetidae


Saccharomyces cerevisiae - Budding Yeast

Saccharomyces cerevisiae - Budding Yeast

Author: Roman Janda

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Functions restricted to taxon Saccharomycetales

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Included taxa

Number of records: 52

family Ascoideaceae J. Schröter
family Cephaloascaceae L.R. Batra
family Dipodascaceae Engl. & E. Gilg
family Endomycetaceae J. Schröt.
family Eremotheciaceae Kurtzman.
family Lipomycetaceae E.K. Novák & Zsolt
family Metschnikowiaceae T. Kamienski
family Phaffomycetaceae Y. Yamada, H. Kawas., Nagats., Mikata & T. Seki
family Pichiaceae Zender
family Saccharomycetaceae G. Winter
family Saccharomycodaceae Kudrjanzev
family Saccharomycopsidaceae Arx & Van der Walt
family Trichomonascaceae Kurtzman & Robnett

Unplaced taxa

genus Aciculoconidium D.S. King & S.C. Jong inc.sed.
genus Ambrosiozyma Van der Walt inc.sed.
genus Aphidomyces Brain inc.sed.
genus Ascobotryozyma J. Kerrigan, M.T. Sm. & J.D. Rogers inc.sed.
genus Bacillopsis Petsch. inc.sed.
genus Barnettozyma Kurtzman, Robnett & Basehoar-Powers inc.sed.
genus Botryozyma Shann & M.T. Sm. inc.sed. a
genus Candida Berkhout inc.sed. a
genus Cicadomyces Šulc inc.sed.
genus Citeromyces Santa María inc.sed.
genus Cyberlindnera Minter inc.sed.
genus Cyniclomyces Van der Walt & D.B. Scott inc.sed.
genus Debaryomyces Lodder & Kreger-van Rij inc.sed.
genus Dolichoascus Thibaut & Ansel inc.sed.
genus Endomycodes Delitsch inc.sed.
genus Entelexis Van der Walt & Johannsen inc.sed.
genus Fragosia Caball. inc.sed.
genus Kodamaea Y. Yamada, Tom. Suzuki, M. Matsuda & Mikata inc.sed.
genus Lodderomyces Van der Walt inc.sed.
genus Macrorhabdus Tomasz., Logan, Snowden, Kurtzman & Phalen inc.sed.
genus Menezesia Torrend inc.sed.
genus Nadsonia Syd. inc.sed.
genus Oleina Tiegh. inc.sed.
genus Pachysolen Boidin & Adzet inc.sed.
genus Peterozyma Kurtzman & Robnett inc.sed.
genus Pseudomycoderma H. Will inc.sed.
genus Psyllidomyces Buchner inc.sed.
genus Sachsia Bay inc.sed.
genus Spathaspora N.H. Nguyen, S.O. Suh & M. Blackw. inc.sed.
genus Sporopachydermia Rodr. Mir. inc.sed.
genus Starmerella C.A. Rosa & Lachance inc.sed.
genus Trigonopsis Schachner inc.sed.
genus Tyridiomyces W.A. Wheeler inc.sed.
genus Wickerhamia Soneda inc.sed.
genus Wickerhamomyces Kurtzman, Robnett & Baseh.-Pow. inc.sed.
genus Yamadazyma Billon-Grand inc.sed.
genus Yarrowia Van der Walt & Arx inc.sed.

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inc.sed. incertae sedis - uncertain placement within this taxon

a anamorphic taxon - taxon used for grouping anamorphic species of fungi