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Fungi Whittaker, 1959

system Opisthokonta

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= mushrooms


Important groups

Zygomycota - bread molds, Ascomycota - sac fungi, Basidiomycota - club fungi
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Included taxa - Fungi incertae sedis

Number of records: 30

genus Labyrinthophoma P.N. Mathur & Thirum. ined.
genus Lacrimasporonites R.T. Clarke
genus Ladrococcus Locq.
genus Laestadites Mesch.
genus Langloisula Ellis & Everh.
genus Lanosa Fr.
genus Lecaniascus Moniez
genus Leiostroma Fr.
genus Lentophoma
genus Lenzitites Mesch.
genus Leolophia Klotzsch
genus Lepiotasporites T.C. Huang
genus Leprosis Neck. ex Kremp.
genus Leptodothis Theiss. & Syd.
genus Leptonema J. Sm. Dalry
genus Leptophorum B. Sutton ined.
genus Leptosphaerites Richon
genus Leptostromites Poinar
genus Leptothyrites Poinar
genus Leptuberia Raf.
genus Liaoningnema S.L. Zheng & W. Zhang
genus Lignocybe
genus Limacinia Neger
genus Limacinis Neger
genus Limnomyces Lohammar
genus Linotolypa
genus Lirasporis R. Potonié & Sah
genus Lycoperdoides Haller
genus Lymphocystidium Weiser
genus Lyonomyces T.N. Taylor, Hass & W. Remy

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Kirk P.: Index Fungorum []

Roskov Y., Abucay L., Orrell T., Nicolson D., Flann C., Bailly N., Kirk P., Bourgoin T., DeWalt R.E., Decock W., De Wever A., eds: Species 2000 & ITIS Catalogue of Life: Annual Checklist []
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[Data retrieved on: 14 June 2007]

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