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Plantae Haeckel


Scientific synonyms

Chlorobionta Jeffrey
Chlorobiota Kendrick & Crane
Viridaeplantae Cavalier-Smith
Viridiplantae Cavalier-Smith

Other names

= green plants

Temporal range:Proterozoic - recent


Important groups

Chlorophyta - green algae, Marchantiophyta - liverworts, Bryophyta - mosses, Lycopodiophyta - lycophytes, Monilophyta - horsetails, Ginkgoophyta, Pinophyta - conifers, Cycadophyta, Gnetophyta, Magnoliophyta - flowering plants
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Euphorbia vajravelui Binojk. & Balakr.

Included taxa

Number of records: 21

divisio Anthocerophyta Stotler & Crandall-Stotler - hornworts
divisio Bryophyta A. Braun - mosses
divisio Charophyta E.Möhn
divisio Chlorophyta - green algae
divisio Cycadophyta
divisio Ginkgoophyta
divisio Gnetophyta
divisio Horneophyta
divisio Lycopodiophyta Cronquist, Takht. & W.Zimm. - lycophytes
divisio Magnoliophyta Cronquist, Takht. & W.Zimm. - flowering plants
divisio Marchantiophyta - liverworts
divisio Monilophyta - horsetails
divisio Pinophyta - conifers
divisio Rhyniophyta Cronq., Takht. & Zimmermann 1966
divisio Trimerophyta

Plantae incertae sedis

genus Loperia Newberry, 1887
genus Pelicothallos Dilcher
genus Tichavekia Pšenička, Sakala et Kraft

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