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water molds
Peronosporomycetes Locq., 1974

kingdom Chromalveolata »  phylum Peronosporomycota

Scientific synonyms

Saprolegniomycetes (nomen nudum) nud.

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Functions restricted to taxon Peronosporomycetes

Included taxa

Number of records: 14

subclass Albuginomycetidae Thines, 2005
subclass Peronosporomycetidae M. W. Dick, 1990
subclass Saprolegniomycetidae M. W. Dick, 2001

Unplaced taxa

order Anisolpidiales M. W. Dick, 2001 inc.sed.
order Lagenidiales Sparks, 1985 inc.sed.
order Lagenismatales M. W. Dick, 2001 inc.sed.
order Myzocytiopsidales M. W. Dick, 2001 inc.sed.
order Rozellopsidales M. W. Dick, 2001 inc.sed.
genus Detonisia Gonz. Frag., 1925 inc.sed.
genus Lagenidicopsis N. J. Artemczuk, 1972 inc.sed.

Fossil taxa

genus Galtierella M. Krings, T.N. Taylor, Dotzler & Decombeix 2009 inc.sed.
genus Palaeachlya F.R.S. Duncan 1876 inc.sed.
genus Palaeophthora Singhai 1978 inc.sed.
genus Propythium M.K. Elias ex Janson. & Hills 1979 inc.sed.

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nud. invalid name - nomen nudum

inc.sed. incertae sedis - uncertain placement within this taxon

extinct taxon