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Bacteria (Haeckel, 1894) Woese, Kandler Wheelis, 1990

system Vitae - living organisms

Scientific synonyms


Temporal range:Siderian – recent


Functions restricted to taxon Bacteria

Important groups

Cyanobacteria - blue-green algae, Proteobacteria, Firmicutes

Included taxa

Number of records: 31

phylum Acidobacteria Thrash & Coates, 2012
phylum Actinobacteria Margulisová, 1974
phylum Aquificae Reysenbach, 2001
phylum Bacteroidetes Krieg et al., 2012
phylum Chlamydiae Garrity & Holt, 2012
phylum Chlorobi Iino et al., 2010
phylum Chloroflexi Garrity & Holt, 2001 emend. Hugenholtz & Stackebrandt, 2004
phylum Chrysiogenetes Garrity & Holt, 2002
phylum Cyanobacteria Stanier ex Cavalier-Smith, 2002 - blue-green algae
phylum Deferribacteres Garrity & Holt, 2001 emend. Jumas-Bilak et al., 2009
phylum Deinococcus-Thermus Weisberg et al., 1989
phylum Dictyoglomi Patel, 2012
phylum Fibrobacteres Garrity & Holt, 2012
phylum Firmicutes
phylum Fusobacteria Garrity & Holt, 2012
phylum Gemmatimonadetes Zhang, Sekiguchi, Hanada, Hugenholtz, Kim, Kamagata & Nakamura, 2003
phylum Lentisphaerae Cho et al., 2004
phylum Nitrospirae
phylum Planctomycetes Garrity & Holt, 2001
phylum Proteobacteria E.Stackebrandt,E.G.E.Murray & H.G.Trüper,1988
phylum Spirochaetae Cavalier-Smith, 2002
phylum Tenericutes Murray, 1984
phylum Thermodesulfobacteria Hatchikian, Ollivier & Garcia, 2002
phylum Thermotogae Margulisová & Schwartz, 1998
phylum Verrucomicrobia Hedlund, 2012

Unplaced taxa

class Ktedonobacteria corrig. Cavaletti,Monciardini,Bamonte,Schumann,Rohde,Sosio & Donadio,2007 inc.sed.
genus Arthromitus J. Snell, H.J. Blok, R.J. Carman, A.J. Duncan, P.C. Allen & M.D. Collins, 1995 inc.sed.
genus Asteroides Puntoni & Leonardi 1935 inc.sed.
genus Jonquetella Jumas-Bilak, Carlier, Jean-Pierre, Citron, Bernard, Damay, Gay, Teyssier, Campos & Marchandin, 2007 inc.sed.
genus Mylitta Fr. inc.sed.

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Taxa (not confirmed) - 1


inc.sed. incertae sedis - uncertain placement within this taxon