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Rosopsida Batsch

kingdom Plantae - plants »  divisio Magnoliophyta - flowering plants


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Euphorbia vajravelui Binojk. & Balakr.

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Number of records: 45

order Apiales Nakai
order Aquifoliales Senft
order Asterales Lindley
order Berberidopsidales Doweld
order Boraginales Berchtold & J. Presl
order Brassicales Bromhead
order Bruniales Dumortier
order Buxales Reveal
order Caryophyllales Perleb
order Celastrales Baskerville
order Cornales Dumortier
order Crossosomatales Reveal
order Cucurbitales Dumortier
order Dilleniales Hutchinson
order Dipsacales Dumortier
order Ericales Dumortier
order Escalloniales Doweld
order Fabales Bromhead
order Fagales Engler
order Garryales Lindley
order Gentianales Lindley
order Geraniales Dumortier
order Gunnerales Reveal
order Huerteales Doweld
order Icacinales Tiegh. ex Reveal
order Lamiales Bromhead
order Malpighiales Martius
order Malvales Dumortier
order Metteniusales Takhtajan
order Myrtales Reichenbach
order Oxalidales Heinze
order Paracryphiales Reveal
order Picramniales Hutchinson
order Proteales Dumortier
order Ranunculales Dumortier
order Rosales Perleb
order Sabiales Takhtajan
order Santalales R. Br. ex Bercht. & J. Presl
order Sapindales Dumortier
order Saxifragales Dumortier
order Solanales Dumortier
order Trochodendrales Cronquist
order Vitales Reveal
order Zygophyllales Chalk.

Rosopsida incertae sedis

family Vahliaceae (Reichb.) Dandy

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