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Pacific argonaut
Argonauta pacificus Dall, 1871

kingdom Animalia - animals »  phylum Mollusca - mollusks »  class Cephalopoda - cephalopods »  order Octopoda »  family Argonautidae »  genus Argonauta - Argonauts

Scientific synonyms

Argonauta pacifica Dall, 1871 (misspelling) m


I have elsewhere stated my opinion that the Argonaut, so common at certain periods on the coast of California, is entirely distinct from the Mediterranean argo and also from the Indo-Pacific A. maxima. The materials at my command have, however, been rather limited, and the press of other work has prevented me from giving due attention to the subject. The animal of the Californian species is orange, with a sprinkling of fine purple dots, more crowded and larger on the back. The pro¬portions of the arms are different from those of the A. argo. The first pair are a little the longest; the second next in length, while in A. argo they are the shortest; the third pair are the shortest, and the fourth equal to the third. The web extends along only one-half of the fourth pair, and is proportionately smaller than in A. argo; the siphon is shorter, with a blunt elbow. The dentition also differs. The central tooth is proportionately larger, much broader, and slightly convex in the middle line in front. The first lateral is smaller, and the inner corner is produced into a denticle. The second lateral is proportionately larger, and the third narrower and smaller than in A. argo. The shell is more ventricose, and the arrangement of the sculpture and tubercles is different from that of the Mediterranean species.
More material, however, is needed to complete the comparison of the shells. I have no doubt that it will be found, as I have shown in the case of other very distinct species, that each is limited to its own zoological province.
Dall, W.H., 1871. Descriptions of sixty new forms of molluscs from the West Coast of North America and the North Pacific Ocean, with notes on others already described.
Author: Jan Delsing

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m misspelling