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Oncocerida Flower, 1950

kingdom Animalia - animals »  phylum Mollusca - mollusks »  class Cephalopoda - cephalopods »  subclass Nautiloidea

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Included taxa

Number of records: 69

superfamily Rutoceratoidea Hyatt, 1884

Unplaced taxa

family Acleistoceratidae Flower in Flower & Krummel, 1950
family Archiacoceratidae Teichert, 1939
family Brevicoceratidae Flower, 1941
family Devonocheilidae Zhuraleva, 1972
family Diestoceratidae Foerste, 1926
family Graciloceratidae Flower in Flower & Kummel, 1950
family Hemiphragmoceratidae Foerste, 1926
family Jovellaniidae Foord, 1888
family Karoceratidae Teichert, 1939
family Nothoceratidae Fischer, 1882
family Oncoceratidae Hyatt, 1884
family Oonoceratidae Flower, 1942
family Polyelasmoceratidae Shimanskiy, 1956
family Poterioceratidae Foord, 1888
family Trimeroceratidae Hyatt in Zittel, 1900
family Tripleuroceratidae Foerste, 1926
family Tripteroceratidae Flower, 1941
family Valcouroceratidae Flower, 1945
genus Agrioceras Zhuravleva, 1974 inc.sed.
genus Aktjubocheilus Zhuravleva, 1972 inc.sed.
genus Almaloceras Zhuravleva, 1974 inc.sed.
genus Ankyloceras Zhuravleva, 1974 inc.sed.
genus Anonymoceras Zhuravleva, 1974 inc.sed.
genus Antonoceras Shimanskiy, 1957 inc.sed.
genus Apioceras Fahrenkohl, 1844 inc.sed.
genus Atomoceras Zhuravleva, 1974 inc.sed.
genus Balashovia Zhuravleva, 1974 inc.sed.
genus Calchasiceras Shimanski, 1957 inc.sed.
genus Corbuloceras Horný, 1965 inc.sed.
genus Corysoceras Zhuravleva, 1974 inc.sed.
genus Cyrtoceras Conrad, 1838 inc.sed.
genus Dalecarlioceras Frye, 1987 inc.sed.
genus Eudoceras Hyatt, 1884 inc.sed.
genus Gomphoceras Sowerby, 1839 inc.sed.
genus Guangyuanoceras Lai & Zhu, 1986 inc.sed.
genus Guangyuanoceroides Lai & Zhu, 1986 inc.sed.
genus Gyroceras de Koninck, 1844 inc.sed.
genus Irinites Zhuravleva, 1972 inc.sed.
genus Kallholnoceras Frye, 1987 inc.sed.
genus Kijoceras Zhuravleva, 1972 inc.sed.
genus Leonardoceras Flower, 1968 inc.sed.
genus Lychnoceras Zhuravleva, 1974 inc.sed.
genus Meloceras Foord, 1888 inc.sed.
genus Mimolychnoceras Zhuravleva, 1974 inc.sed.
genus Mnemoceras Zhuravleva, 1974 inc.sed.
genus Nelimenia Laporte, 1843 inc.sed.
genus Neoceras Myagkova, 1967 inc.sed.
genus Oligoceras Zhuravleva, 1974 inc.sed.
genus Oratoceras Zhuravleva, 1964 inc.sed.
genus Pachtoceras Foerste, 1926 inc.sed.
genus Phthanoncoceras Evans & King, 1990 inc.sed.
genus Pictetoceras Foerste, 1926 inc.sed.
genus Pseudobrevicoceras Zhuravleva, 1974 inc.sed.
genus Pyramidoceras Zhuravleva, 1974 inc.sed.
genus Sycoceras Pictet, 1854 inc.sed.
genus Talattoceras Myagkova, 1967 inc.sed.
genus Torquatoceras Stridsberg, 1988 inc.sed.
genus Trigonodema Laporte, 1843 inc.sed.
genus Tshingizoceras Barskov, 1972 inc.sed.
genus Valhalloceras Evans & King, 1990 inc.sed.
genus Wetherbyoceras Foerste, 1926 inc.sed.
genus Xainzanoceras Chen, 1987 inc.sed.

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extinct taxon

inc.sed. incertae sedis - uncertain placement within this taxon