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Nautilida Blainville, 1825

kingdom Animalia - animals »  phylum Mollusca - mollusks »  class Cephalopoda - cephalopods »  subclass Nautiloidea

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Included taxa

Number of records: 61

family Nautilidae Blainville, 1825

Fossil taxa

family Aipoceratidae Hyatt, 1883
family Aturiidae Chapman, 1857
family Centroceratidae Hyatt in Zittel, 1900
family Eutrephoceratidae Hyatt, 1894
family Grypoceratidae Hyatt, 1900
family Hercoglossidae Spath, 1927
family Koninckioceratidae Hyatt in Zittel, 1900
family Liroceratidae Miller & Youngquist, 1949
family Pseudonautilidae Shimanskiy & Erlanger, 1955
family Rhipaeoceratidae Ruzhentsev & Shimanskiy, 1954
family Tainoceratidae Hyatt, 1883
family Tetragonoceratidae Flower, 1945
genus Alethynoceras Zhuravleva, 1974 inc.sed.
genus Anglonautlis Spath, 1927 inc.sed.
genus Articheilus Ruzhentsev & Shimanskiy, 1954 inc.sed.
genus Catastroboceras Turner, 1965 inc.sed.
genus Celox Shimanskiy, 1967 inc.sed.
genus Cranoceras Hyatt, 1884 inc.sed.
genus Danzikoceras Zhuravleva, 1979 inc.sed.
genus Dasbergoceras Dzik & Korn, 1992 inc.sed.
genus Dinocycloceras Gordon, 1964 inc.sed.
genus Dzhinsetoceras Zhuravleva, 1978 inc.sed.
genus Euciphoceras Schultz, 1977 inc.sed.
genus Geitonoceras Zhuravleva, 1974 inc.sed.
genus Grzegorzewskia Engeser & Lehmann, 1994 inc.sed.
genus Hercoglossoceras Spath, 1927 inc.sed.
genus Koninckioceras Hyatt, 1884 inc.sed.
genus Kummeloceras Shimanskiy, 1967 inc.sed.
genus Mahoningoceras Murphy, 1974 inc.sed.
genus Mosquoceras Ruzhentsev & Shimanskiy, 1954 inc.sed.
genus Nautiloceras d'Orbigny, 1849 inc.sed.
genus Neobistrialites Tucker, Mapes & Aronoff, 1978 inc.sed.
genus Neodomatoceras Ruzhentsev & Shimanskiy, 1954 inc.sed.
genus Nikenautilus Shimansky, 1957 inc.sed.
genus Ophionautilus Spath, 1927 inc.sed.
genus Palaskensis Kummel inc.sed.
genus Parachouteauoceras Niko & Ozawa, 1997 inc.sed.
genus Perigrammoceras Foerste, 1924 inc.sed.
genus Permodomatoceras Ruzhentsev & Shimanskiy, 1954 inc.sed.
genus Perunautilus Crick & Sobolev, 1994 inc.sed.
genus Pseudaturoidea Shimansky, 1975 inc.sed.
genus Pseudocatastroboceras Turner, 1965 inc.sed.
genus Pseudophacoceras Turner, 1966 inc.sed.
genus Pseudostenopoceras Shimanskiy, 1967 inc.sed.
genus Pseudotemnocheilus Ruzhentsev & Shimanskiy, 1954 inc.sed.
genus Pseudotitanoceras Shimansky, 1965 inc.sed.
genus Stenzeloceras Whetstone & Teichert, 1978 inc.sed.
genus Styrionautilus Mojsisovics, 1902 inc.sed.
genus Thaymastoceras Zhuravleva, 1974 inc.sed.
genus Tomponautilus Sobolev, 1989 inc.sed.
genus Triboloceras Hyatt, 1884 inc.sed.
genus Tumidonautilus Diener, 1915 inc.sed.
genus Uloceras Zhuravleva, 1974 inc.sed.
genus Valhallites Shimansky, 1959 inc.sed.
genus Vertorhizoceras Zhuravleva, 1972 inc.sed.
genus Yakutionautilus Arkhipov & Barskov, 1970 inc.sed.

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EN Australian Faunal Directory [41af2fa8-ed80-40a8-a328-988f870d0e2c]

ABRS (2009-2019): Australian Faunal Directory [], Australian Biological Resources Study, Canberra [as Nautilida]
Data retrieved on: 12 February 2015

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extinct taxon

inc.sed. incertae sedis - uncertain placement within this taxon