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Pseudamussium clavatum (Poli, 1795)

kingdom Animalia - animals »  phylum Mollusca - mollusks »  class Bivalvia - bivalves »  order Pectinida »  family Pectinidae »  genus Pseudamussium

Scientific synonyms

Ostrea clavata Poli, 1795
Peplum clavatum (Poli, 1795)
Pecten dumasii Payraudeau, 1826
Ostrea inflexa Poli, 1795


Pseudamussium clavatum

Author: Jiří Novák

Pseudamussium clavatum

Author: Jiří Novák


Original Description: "Concha ovato-rotundata, inaequivalvis, aequilatera, ventricosa, glabra. Valvae radiis quinis teretibus, elatis, laevibus clavae formam ad apicem anteriorem referentibus, obsitae sunt, qui ad conchae ambitum aegre pertingunt. Valva altera gibbosior est, in ambitu leviter crenata. Auriculae pene aequales, minimae; cardo rectus. Valvae discolores: altera miniacea punctis albicantibus conspersa; atera nivea. Ostrea haec praecedenti quam maxime adfinis est: differt tamen insigniter ob valvarum ambitum non inflexum, earumdemque laevorem." {fide Poli, 1795)
Additional Description: Shell thin, inequivalve; right valve slightly more convex than left. Both valves with 5 to 6 fold like ribs, and the entire surface covered with very fine radial lines or cords. Auricles unequal. Coloration usually red to reddish brown, sometimes with cream mottling. Size: Normal adult size range is 25 to 35 mm.
Raines, B.K. & Poppe, G.T., 2006. The Family Pectinidae. A Conchological Iconography.


Type Locality: Sicily.
Distribution: From the Mediterranean Sea and the adjacent areas of the Atlantic Ocean, and as far north as the North Sea. Also possibly from Cape Verde.
Habitat: Littoral to sublittoral zones, on muddy, sandy or gravelly bottoms.
Raines, B.K. & Poppe, G.T., 2006. The Family Pectinidae. A Conchological Iconography.
Author: Jan Delsing

Similar species

Pseudamussium peslutrae (Linnaeus, 1771)

Links and literature

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