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Nebularia Swainson, 1840

kingdom Animalia - animals »  phylum Mollusca - mollusks »  class Gastropoda - gastropods »  order Neogastropoda »  family Mitridae - Miters »  subfamily Cylindromitrinae


Shell up to 60 mm (about 2,5 inches) in length, biconic, roundly-ovate to elongate-ovate, solid. Protoconch conical, sutures simple or coronate, deep or shallow. Sculptured with spiral cords or striae, interspaces smooth or axially striate. Outer lip simple or crenulate, thickened, convex or contracted; aperture narrow, always smooth within. Columella with 3-6 prominent, oblique folds, anterior canal short or produced; siphonal notch generally distinct. Periostracum thin and moderately opaque.
The radula and living animal pattern are the same as in Mitra s. str. Nebularia species are almost exclusively rock and coral dwellers and are mainly confined to reef-flats of the intertidal zone. Nebularia is not a natural and well-defined group, as some characters tend to intergrade with Mitra s. str., but is a convenient group-term for the spirally corded, rock-dwelling Mitra species.
Cernohorsky, W.O., 1976. The Mitridae of the World. Part I. Mitrinae.
Author: Jan Delsing

Included taxa

Number of records: 28

species Nebularia acuminata (Swainson, 1824)
species Nebularia aegra (Reeve, 1845)

Nebularia aegra - 000000000101000

species Nebularia ancillides (Broderip, 1836)

Nebularia ancillides - 000000000111000

species Nebularia baerorum (Poppe & Tagaro, 2010)
species Nebularia bellula (A. Adams, 1853)
species Nebularia chrysostoma (Broderip, 1836)

Nebularia chrysostoma - 000000000011000

species Nebularia coarctata (Reeve, 1844)

Nebularia coarctata - 000000000111000

species Nebularia contracta (Swainson, 1820)

Nebularia contracta - 000000000111000

species Nebularia deynzeri (Cernohorsky, 1980)
species Nebularia dondani (Cernohorsky, 1985)
species Nebularia edentula (Swainson, 1823)
species Nebularia eremitarum (Röding, 1798)

Nebularia eremitarum - 000000000111000

species Nebularia fastigium (Reeve, 1845)
species Nebularia ferruginea (Lamarck, 1811)

Nebularia ferruginea - 000000000111000

species Nebularia gourgueti (Poppe, Salisbury & Tagaro, 2015)
species Nebularia guidopoppei (Thach, 2016)
species Nebularia incompta (Lightfoot, 1786)

Nebularia incompta - 000000000101000

species Nebularia inquinata (Reeve, 1844)

Nebularia inquinata - 000000000111000

species Nebularia kamehameha (Pilsbry, 1921)
species Nebularia multiplicata (Pease, 1865)
species Nebularia nebulosa (Broderip, 1836)
species Nebularia nivea (Broderip, 1836)

Nebularia nivea - 000000000101000

species Nebularia pellisserpentis (Reeve, 1844)
species Nebularia petrosa (G. B. Sowerby II, 1874)
species Nebularia pyramis (Wood, 1828)
species Nebularia semperi (Poppe, Tagaro & Salisbury, 2009)
species Nebularia thachi (H. Turner, 2007)
species Nebularia ustulata (Reeve, 1844)

Nebularia ustulata - 000000000101000

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