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kingdom Fungi - fungi »  class Lecanoromycetes »  order Ostropales

Included taxa

Number of records: 38

genus Acanthothecis Clem.
genus Acanthotrema Frisch
genus Amazonotrema Kalb & Lücking
genus Anomalographis Kalb
genus Anomomorpha Nyl. ex Hue
genus Carbacanthographis Staiger & Kalb
genus Cyclographina D.D. Awasthi
genus Diaphorographis A.W. Archer & Kalb
genus Diorygma Eschw.
genus Dyplolabia A. Massal.
genus Fissurina Fée
genus Glyphis Ach. - glyphis lichen
genus Graphina Müll. Arg. - graphina lichen
genus Graphis Adans. - script lichen
genus Gymnographa Müll. Arg.
genus Gymnographopsis C.W. Dodge
genus Halegrapha Rivas Plata & Lücking
genus Heiomasia Nelsen, Lücking & Rivas Plata
genus Helminthocarpon Fée - helminthocarpon lichen
genus Helminthocarponomyces Cif. & Tomas.
genus Hemithecium Trevis.
genus Kalbographa Lücking
genus Leiorreuma Eschw.
genus Medusulina Müll. Arg. - medusulina lichen
genus Pallidogramme Staiger, Kalb & Lücking
genus Phaeographina Müll. Arg. - phaeographina lichen
genus Phaeographis Müll. Arg. - phaeographis
genus Phaeographopsis Sipman
genus Platygramme Fée
genus Platythecium Staiger
genus Sarcographa Fée - sarcographa lichen
genus Sarcographina Müll. Arg.
genus Schistophoron Stirt.
genus Schistostoma Stirt.
genus Thalloloma Trevis.
genus Thecaria Fée
genus Wirthiotrema Rivas Plata, Kalb, Frisch & Lumbsch
genus Xalocoa E. Kraichak, Lücking & Lumbsch

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