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Siphona Meigen, 1803

kingdom Animalia - animals »  phylum Arthropoda - arthropods »  class Insecta - insects »  order Diptera - true flies, mosquitoes and gnats »  family Tachinidae - Parasitic Flies »  tribus Siphonini

Scientific synonyms

Bucentes Latreille, 1809
Crocuta Meigen, 1800
Phantasiosiphona Townsend, 1915

Included taxa

Number of records: 30

subgenus Actinocrocuta Townsend, 1935
subgenus Aphantorhapha Townsend, 1919
subgenus Baeomyia O'Hara, 1984
subgenus Ceranthia Robineau-Desvoidy, 1830
subgenus Pseudosiphona Townsend, 1916
subgenus Siphona Meigen, 1803
subgenus Siphonopsis Townsend, 1916
species Siphona collini Mesnil, 1960
species Siphona fera Mesnil, 1954
species Siphona flavifrons Staeger, 1849

Siphona flavifrons - 000000000111

species Siphona grandistylum Pandellé, 1894
species Siphona hokkaidensis Mesnil, 1957
species Siphona hungarica Andersen, 1984
species Siphona immaculata Andersen, 1996
species Siphona ingerae Andersen, 1982
species Siphona kairiensis O'Hara, 1983
species Siphona maculata Stæger, 1849

Siphona maculata - 000000000111

species Siphona maderensis Smit & Zeegers, 2002
species Siphona nigricans (Villeneuve, 1930)
species Siphona nigronitens Mesnil, 1954
species Siphona picturata (Mesnil, 1977)
species Siphona pilistyla Andersen, 1996
species Siphona pudica Mesnil, 1954
species Siphona rossica Mesnil, 1961
species Siphona setosa Mesnil, 1960
species Siphona seyrigi Mesnil, 1960
species Siphona speciosa Mesnil, 1954
species Siphona subarctica Andersen, 1996
species Siphona variata Andersen, 1982
species Siphona xanthosoma Mesnil, 1954

Links and literature

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Data retrieved on: 11 January 2015
EN O'Hara, J.E. (2010): World genera of the Tachinidae (Diptera) and their regional occurrence [] [as Siphona Meigen, 1803]
Data retrieved on: 20 February 2011

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