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Raphitomidae Bellardi, 1875

kingdom Animalia - animals »  phylum Mollusca - mollusks »  class Gastropoda - gastropods »  order Neogastropoda »  superfamily Conoidea

Scientific synonyms

incl. Daphnellinae Deshayes, 1863


Daphnellinae: Shell very variable in shape and size, from buccinoid to ovate or to elongate-fusiform or high-cylindrical and from about 2 to over 140 mm high. Sculpture variously developed: from nearly smooth shell to well-developed spiral and axial elements, subsutural ramp, when separated from rest of the whorl, usually smooth or with traces of anal sinus growth. Apertura armature rarely well expressed, inner lip usually smooth. Anal sinus either subsutural, shaped as a reversed-L or on subsutural ramp, asymmetric, very shallow to rather deep, typically not constrained but sometimes even almost tubular. Siphon short to rather long. Protoconch typically planktotrophic, multispiral, of 2.5 - 6.5 whorls, protoconch I often spirally striated, protoconch II with diagonally cancellated sculpture. There are many variations of the basic pattern of the protoconch II sculpture, though a combination of spiral and axial elements is retained, with the latter usually more pronounced, but protoconchs with a spiral keel and axial pillars depart from this pattern. Paucispiral protoconch with predominantly spiral striation. No operculum. Radula of hypodermic marginal teeth of very variable morphology. Teeth can be relatively very long (to 12.8% of shell length in Daphnella cladara) to very short and reduced (0.13% of shell length in Spergo fusiformis). Solid base of the teeth from very small to rather large, sometimes side projections around the base are present. Barb(s) present or absent. At least in one species cockscombshaped structure is present near the tooth tip. Tooth canal opening laterally or subapically. Reduction in radular apparatus and other structures of the anterior foregut is frequent, grading to complete absence.
Source: Bouchet et all, 2011. A new operational classification of the Conoidea (Gastropoda).

Interchangeable taxa

Daphnellinae: This is the largest and most variable taxon in the Conoidea, as concerns the number of species, with the largest vertical range (intertidal to hadal depths).
Author: Jan Delsing

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Included taxa

Number of records: 64

genus Abyssobela Kantor & Sysoev, 1986
genus Abyssothauma Sysoev, 1996
genus Acamptodaphne T. Shuto, 1971
genus Acanthodaphne A. Bonfitto & M. Morassi, 2006
genus Aliceia Dautzenberg & Fischer, 1897
genus Asperdaphne Hedley, 1922
genus Austrodaphnella Laseron, 1954
genus Azorilla F. Nordsieck, 1968
genus Bathybela Kobelt, 1905
genus Buccinaria Kittl, 1887
genus Cenodagreutes Smith, 1967
genus Clathromangelia Monterosato, 1884
genus Clathurina Melvill, 1917
genus Clinura Bellardi, 1875
genus Cryptodaphne Powell, 1942
genus Daphnella Hinds, 1844
genus Diaugasma J.C. Melvill, 1917
genus Eubela Dall, 1889
genus Eucyclotoma Boettger, 1895
genus Exomilus Hedley, 1918
genus Famelica Bouchet & Warén, 1980
genus Fusidaphne Laseron, 1954
genus Gymnobela Verrill, 1884
genus Hemilienardia O. Böttger, 1895
genus Isodaphne Laseron, 1954
genus Kermia Oliver, 1915
genus Kuroshiodaphne T. Shuto, 1965
genus Leiosyrinx Bouchet & Sysoev, 2001
genus Lusitanops Nordsieck, 1968
genus Microdaphne McLean, 1971
genus Microgenia Laseron, 1954
genus Mioawateria P. Vella, 1954
genus Neopleurotomoides Shuto, 1971
genus Nepotilla Hedley, 1918
genus Pagodidaphne Shuto, 1983
genus Paradaphne Laseron, 1954
genus Philbertia Monterosato, 1884
genus Phymorhynchus Dall, 1908
genus Pleurotomella Verrill, 1872
genus Pontiothauma Smith, 1895
genus Pseudodaphnella O. Böttger, 1895
genus Raphitoma Bellardi, 1848
genus Rimosodaphnella Schnetler & Beyer, 1990
genus Rocroithys A.V. Sysoev & P. Bouchet, 2001
genus Spergo Dall, 1895
genus Stilla Finlay, 1926
genus Taranidaphne Morassi & Bonfitto, 2001
genus Taranis Jeffreys, 1870
genus Tasmadaphne Laseron, 1954
genus Teleochilus Harris, 1897
genus Teretia Monterosato, 1890
genus Teretiopsis Kantor & Sysoev, 1989
genus Thatcheria Angas, 1877
genus Thatcheriasyrinx J.C. Melvill, 1904
genus Thesbia Jeffreys, 1867
genus Theta Clarke, 1959
genus Thetidos Hedley, 1899
genus Tritonoturris Dall, 1924
genus Truncadaphne McLean, 1971
genus Tuskaroria Sysoev, 1988
genus Typhlosyrinx Thiele, 1925
genus Veprecula Melvill, 1917
genus Xanthodaphne Powell, 1942
genus Zenepos Finlay, 1928

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